27 Useful Pieces Of Advice To Up Your Sex Game!

> 27 Useful Pieces Of Advice To Up Your Sex Game!

Talking about sex is as important as doing it. If you want to improve your sex life for the better, the following pieces of advice will surely help you!  

Life is all about learning new things!😏


1. Believe in the miracle of lube. Some position are much better with it.

2. Make sure that you don't put baby oil on the genitals. It might burn.

2. Make sure that you don't put baby oil on the genitals. It might burn.

3. Guys: Make sure your female partners reach orgasm first. Because if you do it first, it is impossible for them to have it.

4. Masturbation is a great way to please your body. You can also find out a lot about your preferences in bed through masturbation.

Plus, it can prevent the regrets of that one night stand.

5. Do not compare your sex life to what you see on the screen.

6. Learn the anatomy. Super Important.

6. Learn the anatomy. Super Important.

7. Bad smells, cramps, stomach rumbles or farts... These things can happen during sex, so accept them and don't ruin the moment.

Okay, we know that no one deliberately farts. However, the air which gets inside the vagina during sex can create a similar noise.

8. You shouldn't expect orgasm right away if you are new to sex.

9. It doesn't matter how many people you've had sex with. The important thing is to protect yourself and enjoy the ride.

10. For your vagina's sake, don't forget to pee after having sex.

Credit: Minerva Freire - Illustrator

11. Love your body and let your partner notice it.

Instead of judging your body, live the moment and love your body. Negative thoughts will have negative outcomes.

12. Orgasm is not the sole criteria of sex. There is no need for faking it.

Don't forget that not having an orgasm doesn't mean your partner doesn't enjoy the sex.👍

13. Personal hygiene is very important. Don't underestimate the power of showers.

14. Think twice about being drunk and having sex.

It might not be easy to make a distinction when you are drunk.

15. Use condoms ALL THE TIME.

And yes a different condom for every spot...

16. Your body deserves respect at all times.

If someone doesn't like that, they can go to hell 😌

17. Be honest about what you like to do in bed.

Be straightforward about what you want. You might not have excellent results all the time, but talking about them can make things easier.

18. The main idea of sex is for both parties to have fun and respect each other.

19. If you don't want to do something in bed, just be honest and say so.

You don't have to do something you don't like. Just tell your partner you don't want that. Don't be silent.

20. Be open to new experiences. You never know, you might like trying new things.

Monotonous is boring. That weird sex toy or that challenging position can make you happy. Have an open mind to improve your sex life.

21. Everybody should be willing and excited if we are talking about sex.

Try to avoid random sex. Have sex when you desire to have intercourse. Otherwise, the other person can tell that you are not in the mood.

22. Being picky about sexual partners is not a bad thing.

23. It's normal to not want to have sex with your crush in the beginning.

If you want to wait before sex, you can wait. There is nothing wrong with that.

24. On the contrary, you might want to have sex with someone you don't like or get along with.

Make sure you know what you want and follow your wishes.

25. Guys, you might not realize it, but ladies like sex and they care about it as much as you do.

Ladies don't have sex with you as a favor. Like everyone else on this planet, they put themselves first.

26. There are so many territories to explore, however don't rush things. Enjoy the moment!

27. You'll recognize good sex wherever you are. It is always obvious.

It doesn't have any limitations. You'll notice when you have that person.

BONUS: Chill, don't be hard on yourself😌

Don't forget to have fun! Sex is a beautiful thing!!