22 Useful Life Hacks That Would Make You Say "I Didn't Know That!"


Are you still struggling to open that aluminum foil box or eating that cupcake? Well, not anymore! There's a better way to do anything, you just have to figure out the best solution. These 22 clever life hacks are here to improve your lifestyle game forever!


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1. It's actually possible to unload canned drinks into your fridge one at a time!

So you've bought a box of soda but you don't want to deal with putting these into the fridge. Don't worry! All you need to do is to is opening both sides of the box and pushing the cans through as you slip the box out.

2. You can use the aluminium foil package to tear it off easily?

Have you noticed the perforated tab on the foil box? Next time you're opening a foil box don't bother tearing down all the box but punch that perforated part!

3. The most delicious life hack ever...

We do not break pieces from the Toblerone bar inward but rather do it outward.

4. We always had hard time finding a place for the spoon we used to stir the meal.

You don't want to put it on the counter, you don't want to leave it inside the food. The cooking pan designers got your back, you just didn't know that before..

5. You've been using bobby pins wrong all along!

Just put the corrugated side facing up and you're good to go!

6. Someone put a lot of time and effort for you to carelessly eat Tic-Tacs and you just didn't know that!

7. Psst! We're gonna give you the secret of how to eat a cupcake properly!

You are craving a cupcake but don't want to mess up? Cut the cupcake from the bottom cake and put one of the slices over the cream. Now, you can enjoy your cupcake sandwich without getting into much trouble!

8. There's a simple solution to get rid of the leaves of the strawberries!


You can use a thin straw to get rid of the leaves easily.

9. The best way to eat a hamburger is to hold it by two hands.

Your thumbs and pinkies should be placed in a way that the burger is firm. This way, you can avoid all the annoying slips and enjoy your burger instead. 😋

10. Don't cross out your writings with a straight line if you don't want anyone to read them.


Instead, write other words over the writing to make it illegible.

11. Flip the bread upside down when you are cutting slices. This way, you'll prevent the bread slices from falling apart.

12. Put the straw through tab on the can in order to keep the straw held in place.

This way you can prevent carbonation from lifting your straw up!

13. How to eat a pizza slice:

14. You can make plastic dishes out of your Chinese takeaway box!

15. You don't have to struggle to open a tied plastic bag anymore😁

Twist the free end of the loop and push it through the knot to untie it easily.

16. Pour the drinks with the lid at the top. This way, you'll avoid spilling the drink!


17. Life would be much easier if we put the roll on the wall with the free end on the inside.

Interesting fun fact: This idea was patented way back in 1891!

18. Use the hangers on the shopping basket to organize the shopping bags.

Have you noticed the tiny hangers on your shopping basket? These tiny hangers are designed for you to organize your groceries. This will also help you save up some space.

19. If you want to cool down drinks faster, wrap them in a wet paper towel.

20. Try opening up a hole inside your dish to heat it evenly.

This trick will help reheating your food more evenly and easily.

21. No need to struggle to reach those tasty potato chips!

Take a piece of paper and fold it into a sleeve. Then, flip it inside the box long side. Voila! Don't forget to take a moment to watch your masterpiece!😂

22. You need to get some gas but you can't seem to remember where the gas tank is?


On the dashboard, you'll notice a tiny arrow indicating the side of the gas tank.

PS: Don't forget to tie your seatbelt when you're leaving the gas station.😊

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