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22 Historical Photos That Puzzle Everybody As Soon As They See


It is time to face with rarely seen and interesting photos! These photos are accepted asreal  reflection of past. But it is important to remember these moments were experienced by real people in the past.

1. Family shows her children to their parents in East Berlin, 1961

2. Olympic flame reaching Berlin and atmosphere, 1936

3. Climbers who posed with their friends' bodies stuck in Mont Blanc, 1895

4. Fidel Castro playing baseball in Havana, 1959

5. Searching lights on Gibraltar, 1942

6. Persian man waiting for execution in front of an artillery, at the end of 19th century

7. Gold hunters passing through Chilkoot Trail in spite of winter conditions, 1898

8. Founder of Porsche Ferdinand Porsche showing Volkswagen's first model Bettle to Hitler, 1934

9. Horatio Gordon Robley posing in front of Māori heads collection, 1895

10. A moment reveal class inequality in England, 1937

11. Woodstock opening ceremony, 1969

12. Last prisoners discharged from one of the most well-known prison Alcatraz, 1963

13. Considering the hollow and paint on, it has been thought Titanic crashed this iceberg, 1912

14. Gentlemen taking selfie, 1920

15. Two women from Paris, in 1930s

16. The last sailing boat carrying passengers in history, 1949

17. Capitulated Japan soldiers bowing to American captives they released, 1945

Savaşta teslim olan Japonya'nın askerlerinin, serbest bıraktıkları ABD'li esirlerin önünde eğilmesi, 1945.

18. A moment in a Persian beach before revolution, 1960

19. James Dean posing in a coffin in the same year he died, 1955

20. British soldier checking helmets of Argentinean soldiers after one of the battles in Falkland Islands, 1982

21. College years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, 1973

22. The Beatles members sunbathing in Miami

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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