22 Celebs Proving They Have All The Charisma In The Family!


Charisma is another witty game played on us by our very own DNA. This is a sad story when one sibling looks extremely beautiful/handsome and charismatic, while the other is, well, you know, left out… : (

1. George Clooney and his sister

2. Angelina Jolie and her brother do look alike, but their charisma levels are miles apart!

3. Two handsome brothers. Brad Pitt and his brother. Do we need to ask who looks better?

4. Claudia Schiffer and her sister

5. Tom Cruise and his sister

6. We believe Nicole Kidman leads this race against her sister, with the help of plastic surgery.

7. Robert Pattinson and his sister

8. Jude Law and his sister

9. Emma Watson and her brother

10. Julia Roberts and her sister

11. Ben Affleck and his brother

12. Liam and Chris Hemsworth did not leave much for their third brother, Luke.

13. Rihanna and her brother

14. Selma Hayek also stole all the charisma from her brother.

15. Anne Hataway clearly uses the advantage of being the only girl in the family.

16. Cameron Diaz did not treat her sister generously, in terms of charisma!

17. Even though they look alike, Colin Firth is one step ahead of his brother.

18. Jennifer Lopez and her sister

19. Scarlett Johansson’s brother had no chance at all!

20. Katy Perry also shines amongst the other members of the family.

21. Alec Baldwin: Always ahead of the other brothers…

22. Well, this is NOT what you think. Look at Justin Bieber’s baby brother stealing every bit of charisma from him!

Bonus: One does wonder if one of them was adopted… : /

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