22 Awkward Only Women Moments!


Those moments when you say "only other women would understand this." We know the pain and struggling is real and we're here for you!

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/

1. Accidentally wearing white on the second day of your period.

2. Trying to match your eyeliner wings on both sides.

3. Running late and throwing on yesterday’s jeans, then getting to work and realizing yesterday’s underwear is all up in your pant leg.


4. When your ponytail keeps falling out at the gym.

5. This:

6. Going on a trip and forgetting you needed to pack a strapless bra for one of your outfits.


7. Having THIS happen to you.

So it's always wiser to be careful with what you wear.

8. Taking a selfie on a humid hair day.

9. When your tights leave weird imprints all over your stomach.

10. Blissing out too hard when they shampoo you at the hair salon.

11. When an unexpected hookup happens and you realize you haven’t shaved your legs in a month.

Although TBH it won't stop you anyway

12. This red spot after crossing your legs:

13. Wearing a wrap dress on a windy day.

14. When people tell you “You look tired.” every time you go out without makeup.

"Today i'm wearing a nice dark shade of exhaustion under my eyes instead of concealer, doesn't it look good?"

15. When your favorite bra tries to stab you in the heart.

16. Your face when putting on mascara.

Though it's not a big issue unless you do it in public.

17. Trying to get comfortable when you have cramps

18. Doing this when no one is around:

19. Keywords: Windy days + no hair tie + lip gloss.

That moment when your hair sticks to your lip gloss...

20. When you think your period is over and then “SURPRISE!!!!”

21. Getting a blister in your new flats and having to walk like a duck all day because it HURTS.


22. When you rub your eye, but you forget you're wearing eyeliner.

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