21 Penny Pinchers Really Pushing It Too Hard!


You're out there, stop hiding! 😈😈

1. Your alarm goes off at 5:59 because you can't sleep a minute longer.

2. Looking for a softer surface to throw your phone at when you flip out.

3. Sitting down and tying your shoes every time you're going out? No thanks!

4. When someone asks if you want a second round, you chug your drink and say yes.

5. You use ALL the student discounts available if you're studying.

6. You charge your electronic devices at work or at school...

7. You always go for the more expensive appetizers.

8. When you're out and ask for the check, you tell your friends you'll use your credit card and ask for cash in return.

Easy money, easy points!

9. You walk faster than your friends to make sure you get the better seat at the restaurant/bar.

10. You pull all the stems of the veggies and fruits out to avoid paying extra.

11. You always search for the faster and easier route, every time you're outside.

12. You sometimes ask for a pencil even if you have one in your bag.

13. You put some water inside the shampoo bottle to make it last longer.

14. You turn the computer on before going to the bathroom in the morning.

Saves tons of time!

15. Adding a few more extra plastic bags every time you go shopping.

16. You stock up on all the sugar you can to avoid actually paying for it. Starbucks hates you!

17. During flights or long bus trips, you do everything you can to make the best of all complimentary goodies.

18. You hold all your downloads until you find proper free wifi.

Just black coffee for me please.

19. You finish your drink before going to the bathroom.

Just to make sure you don't have to go there again.

20. You eat all the complimentary food at an event or the supermarket and go for a second round.

Dinner is served.

21. Using tons of adjectives to make your paper look long and complicated.

Maybe a B this time?!

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