21 IG Photos Proving That Emilia Clarke Is The Best!


Mother of dragons, Stormborn, Khaleesi... Emilia Clarke is accepted as one of the sexiest women alive, without doubt! However, she is also known for her sincere personality. Here are some fun photos from Emilia's IG account!

1. She took a walk with Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis. They were chased by cows.

2. She didn't hesitate to show the struggles of the red carpet!

3. She is a real Ryan Gosling fan, just like us!

4. Did you know that she is really talented at doing playbacks?

5. She was happy to see that Jon Snow is alive!

6. This snap she shared from the MTV Music Awards!

7. The photo she took on Mother's day! "Extremely Flammable!"

8. She celebrated 1 million followers like this!

9. This was Emilia reaching 2 million with Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie)!

10. What about 3 million followers?!

11. This photo from the set of "Me Before You!"

12. Of course she is a Star Wars fan!

13. She has signature style!

14. She is not only the mother of the dragons but also mother of the doggies!

15. We can't decide which one is cuter than the other!

16. Rubbing the Emmy Award with a small hand!

17. The downside of being a celebrity...

18. Real life BFFs with Missandei, Nathalie Emmanuel.

19. Having fun time with my bae Theon!

20. She loves singing in public!

21. These photos prove that Emilia has never lost her inner child!


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