20 Things You Might Consider Investing If You're A Millionaire!


Imagine you have so much money... So much money that you can buy anything you want in this world. What would you buy? Put other way, how would you treat yourself? If you can't come up with anything, don't worry! This list is full of amazing ideas for the possible millionaires out there!

Source: https://brightside.me/creativity-home/21...

1. A bathroom with a fireplace

2. A wine storage with rare vintages

3. This super cozy library for the times you would like to isolate yourself from everything.

4. This tents which helps you stargaze in the most comfortable way possible.

5. Your own private island in the Pacific Ocean

6. This awesome multilevel labyrinth aquarium

7. This incredible underground garage

8. This bathroom with a glass floor for those who would enjoy to live on the edge!

9. This hidden room covered with wall-to-wall bookshelves

10. This house which is located right next to a forest lake

11. This pipe system which lets your cat have some fun!

12. This double indoor and outdoor pool

13. This magical lamp which can transform your place into a Eastern palace!

14. This bedroom with sliding walls that let you go out directly to the garden.

15. This over-the-water spring!

16. This cosmic bed which lets you sleep under the stars

17. This indoor home theater for the ultimate movie party

18. This waterslide which lets you jump into the pool downstairs!

19. This hanging bed which is developed to provide you the sweetest sleep of your life.

20. This tree house which is determined to make your childhood dreams come true.

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