20 Things To Happen On Earth While You Read This...


Within a minute......

1. There'll be five earthquakes.

2. There'll be 360 lightning strikes.

3. 250 babies will be born.

4. 113 of these babies will be born into poverty.

5. 55 thousand barrels of oil will be consumed.

6. The Sun will scatter 60 billion tons of substance into space.

7. 31,600 tonnes of water will pulse from Niagara Falls.

8. 960 billion tonnes of water will vaporize from the surface of the Earth.

9. A hummingbird will flutter 4 thousand times.

10. 6 billion chemical reactions will occur in every single cell in your body.

11. You'll blink approximately 12 times.

12. A sloth will waddle approximately 10 feet.

13. Bill Gates will make $15K!

14. Is spite of that, a regular citizen will get 1 penny richer.

15. 2,040 more trees will be cut down in rain forests.

16. National debt of the US will rise 3 billion dollars higher.

17. 1,800 stars will explode.

18. 107 people will die.

19. 18 of those will die due to starvation.

20. 4,500 hamburgers will be consumed solely at McDonalds.

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