20 Interesting Things We Always Hear But Are Actually Wrong!


Life is full of surprises AND myths we keep hearing every day! Here are 20 pieces of wrong information explained scientifically by the British writer, data analyst and information designer David McCandless:

1. It's not true that sharks don't get cancer. Skin cancer especially can be seen in these living creatures.


2. A vomitorium is not a place where Romans drink and hang out. They are the names of passages where the crowd can leave the amphitheater fast and comfortably after a play.


3. Black holes are not really ''holes;'' they are objects which have a high density and a strong gravitational pull.


4. It's not dangerous to wake sleepwalkers. They just have confusion for a short time. The risk of them hurting themselves is not when they are awake, but when they are sleepwalking.


5. Napoleon was not relatively short. He was even considered to be of above average height from the French men of his time by being 1.6m.


6. Bulls don't lose it when they see red; in fact, they are color blind. It's the matador's movements they perceive as a threat.


7. The Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space.


8. Bananas don't grow on trees. The banana plant happens to be big and looks like a tree.


9. Adding oil to pasta when cooking is not to prevent it from sticking to each other, it's to prevent the water from boiling over.


10. It's not true that dogs sweat through their tongues. They use their breath to regulate their body temperature but sweating occurs through the pads under their paws.


11. We don't lose our body temperature through our heads. This is only seen in babies.


12. The vikings didn't put horns on their helmets. This is actually a costume that was designed for a Wagner Opera in the 19th century.


13. Contrary to what we learned from the movie, Antonio Salieri didn't hate Mozart. What they had was just jealousy between two contemporary composers.


14. Iron maidens were not torture instruments used in the medieval period. They were designed to be used in circuses in the 18th century.


15. A bird's sense of smell is really weak, so their mother won't abandon the nestlings just because you've touched them.


16. Contrary to popular belief, eating before swimming will not increase the risk of cramps. What does this is actually alcohol. Eating might just cause you to breathe harder.


17. Einstein was never really bad at mathematics. He just couldn't pass the school exam he wanted to get into, but his mathematics were always good.


18. People don't just have 5 senses, but have up to 20. Balance, pain, movement and thirst are some of them.

19. A goldfish's memory is not actually limited to 3 seconds, but it's up to 3 months. They might be considered better than most politicians.


20. In a survey, 41% of adults believe people lived at the same time as dinosaurs. The reality is that we missed each other by 63 million years.

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