20 Hottest Male Celebrities That Broke Hearts By Coming Out!


There is this hot guy that is killing with his looks and attitude. Then, rumors start to float around about that guy's sexual orientation. Sometimes these rumors turn out to be true and female fans are torn apart after hearing it. After all, this is the sign that their daydreams are not going to come true. There's not much more to do than sit back and sigh...

Here you go girls, here's a list of those heartbreakers😊

1. Ricky Martin


Ricky Martin stayed silent about his sexual preference for a long time. Then, one day he announced that he's gay. Sad news for the female fans!

2. Wentworth Miller


Prison Break's lead actor Wentworth Miller stole many people's hearts in the show.

3. Matt Bomer


Actor Matt Bomer was considered to take part in 50 Shades of Grey. He is charismatic and cool.

4. Neil Patrick Harris


The womanizer character of How I Met Your Mother is not interested in woman in real life.

5. Adam Lambert


The talented singer who was caught on our radar with Ghost Town never hid his sexual orientation.

6. Cheyenne Jackson


American actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson is also openly gay. He has been through a gay marriage as well.

7. Jonathan Groff


Actor and singer Jonathan Groff melted the hearts of many women with his good looks.

8. Matt Dallas


The lead actor of Kyle XY was a teenage crush for many girls.

9. Chris Colfer


Chris Colfer, who got recognition after his part in Glee, is also gay.

10. Scott Evans


Chris Evans' brother Scott Evans has also publicly announced that he is gay. It is also claimed that these two have not been on good terms since this statement.

11. Luke MacFarlane


Canadian actor and musician Luke MacFarlane stated his sexual orientation as gay.

12. Andrew Rannells


Former "The New Normal" actor has been openly gay since he was 18 years old.

13. Zachary Quinto


Actor and producer Zachary Quinto has also caused a heartbreak in his female fans. He is also a strong LGBTQ activist.😉

14. Tom Ford


Talented fashion designer Tom Ford attracted a lot of attention with his charismatic looks.

15. Don Lemon


American journalist and TV host Don Lemon is also publicly gay.

16. Marc Jacobs


Another successful fashion designer who is openly gay.

17. Keith Hamilton Cobb


Sexy actor Keith Hamilton Cobb is one of those gay celebrities.

18. Anderson Cooper


Famous tv host, journalist and author is looking pretty hot with his white hair and blue eyes. Sorry girls, he is not interested! 😉

19. Frank Ocean


American rapper Frank Ocean has also broke the hearts of his female audience by coming out.

20. Guillermo Diaz


Actor Guillermo Diaz is also open about his preferences.

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