19 Things Heartbroken Women Feel In A New Relationship!

> 19 Things Heartbroken Women Feel In A New Relationship!

We have gone through relationships full of horror, action and tension, which have taught us that real life isn't the same as the romantic movies we have been watching since our childhood. Everybody around us says 'Every relationship is an experience, don't worry.' This is an unsuccessful solace attempt. That sentence was right only until a point. We have experienced and we have gotten smarter. Our relationships will NEVER be the same again, right?

1. You feel that there is something wrong when you have just thought that you have recovered and all your wounds have healed.

Your experience hasn't made you stronger; you are wrong. It has only made you more scared and you are just starting to realize this.

2. You know that cute guy who is trying to talk to you. Is it really possible that he does everything so right?

You get away from him, thinking 'This is too good to be true.' You really don't want to get your heart broken one more time.

3. But still, just to be sure, you start investigating.

If you have mutual friends, you inquire about his past and stalk him online.

4. Let's say he has passed this step, this time you start trying to read between the lines every time he speaks.

'What does he really mean with this?'

5. You start talking stupidly because the awkward silences make you too uncomfortable.

Then you regret it: 'I should have kept my mouth shut.'

6. And you also make stupid jokes because you get too excited.

7. You can't even see the clearest sign that he likes you, and even if you do, you can never be sure.

Although all your friends and all the people come together and tell you that it WAS indeed a signal.

8. During the conversation, you feel like screaming: "DO YOU LIKE ME?"

But you stay silent and keep it to yourself. (Good girl)

9. The stronger your feelings grow, the more your fear and tension build up.

And this isn't the way it used to be. Obviously, the first excitement has given way to fear.

10. But still, you approach him slowly.

You can't tell how the time passes when you are with him.

11. However, the first contact is always the most difficult one.

12. Liking somebody, and growing possessive of them leads to an even more dangerous emotion: JEALOUSY

13. This emotion that you can't control makes you a professional detective.

And you realize that all those bad experiences have created a monster deep down. Going through his phone while he is in the toilet, asking for his Facebook password, checking his Instagram follower list every day...

14. After some time, the jealousy gets less intense but is channeled somewhere else.

You channel your jealousy according to your past negative experiences. For example, if your ex cheated on you with a good friend of his, you start keeping an eye on your boyfriend's female friends.

15. In every fight you have, you see your past failed relationship.

All girls have said it at one point or another in their lives. 'You boys are all the same.'

16. Despite all of these, if he stays with you with his understanding and patience, you finally start trusting him.

17. But you can never let go 100%. The fear of losing him is always there.

Even saying 'I love you' hurts. What if he takes you and your love for granted and leaves?

18. And time heals this, too.

19. His love and time will heal you. When you least expect it, the three magical words spill out of your lips:

'I love you.'


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