19 Situations Only Secret Geniuses Would Understand!

> 19 Situations Only Secret Geniuses Would Understand!

People didn't care about your ideas and they underestimated your smarts. What they don't realist is you carry a secret treasure in your mind. You only show your great mind when you want, and this surprises others. 

Let's go through these situations that make you sneakily smile from the inside.  😏😏

1. People always thought that you weren't bright and they underestimated you.

2. Because they are sure that you are full of nonsense.

3. Yes, you sometimes give them the wrong impression about your wisdom.

4. However, you enjoy keeping it to yourself most of the time. 😏

5. For this reason, people always think that "You know nothing."

6. They're shocked when you say something smart.

'Wait, what? Did you just say something relevant?'

7. They appreciated you like a smart ass would do...

8. Other people underestimated your genius the whole time. They only know the parts you've shown to them to this day.

9. You prefer to stay silent to reach your goals. You've already realized the benefits of being a secret genius.

10. You weren't the first one to call when people need a bright idea.

11. People didn't show up at your door to get your opinion on anything.

11. People didn't show up at your door to get your opinion on anything.

12. This situation has made you upset many times. You thought that people didn't respect you and didn't care about you.

13. Though you had a lot of experiences to share, people didn't come to you for asking your opinion.

14. All you ever did was say "Hate to say I told you so!" You know this was gonna happen exactly like this. 😎

15. While people are too busy ignoring you, you were busy showing that this was a wrong decision. You prove yourself when they least expect.

16. It might take a while for others to recognize your genius, but you know who you are and you literally enjoy this!

The times when they thought you weren't listening and you gave the right answer😏

17. Only your loved ones know that you are a true genius.

18. You have philosophical catch phrases. Many find these stupid.

19. Your secret superpowers are many, contrary to what is believed. You don't have to share your genius with the whole world. You are happy the way you are. 😎😎