19 Photos To Help You Through A Bad Day! :-)


Are you having a bad day? Just remember, it could be worse.

1. That milkshake was supposed to make your day. Not ruin it.

2. Think twice before you enjoy your food outdoors. Just try not to fall sleep under the sun.

3. Prepare yourself to carpool with bees.

4. That cheap bargain online was not what you expected.

5. If your phone won't stop ringing, you might wanna answer that call.

6. If you don't want to be in the same situation, be prepared.

7. You might think that the whole universe is against you. Don't give up!

8. If you think that your bus ride was uncomfortable, remember this.

9. Keep your calm in traffic.

10. This is worse than being stuck in traffic...

11. What happens if a burning car randomly appears at the beach? And you just don't care.

12. All you wanted to do was save some money...

13. My heart is broken now :(

14. Be extra careful on long flights to avoid mistakes like this.

15. Doodling gone bad.

16. Make sure you charge up your hair clippers for the first day of school.

17. Always double check the gas pump.

18. Cooking might not be your game after all.


19. Are you going to paint your stairs? Here's a lesson for you.

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