19 Not-So-Brilliant Things People Say To Lure You In Bed


When you want to have sex with someone, you need to find a way to say it while avoiding cliches. However, not everyone is smart enough to do that. Let’s see those not very brilliant things (sometimes lies) people say to lure you into bed!

1. "I've never seen you here before. I'd never forget a face like yours."

Dude, seriously? Does this cliche still work?

2. “Come over for some coffee?”

I don’t know!!

3. “I’m single.”

How convincing..

4. “Should we go upstairs? This place is getting boring.”

Should you just get to the point instead?

5. “Come over, I have something to show you.”

Be more creative!

6. “Sexuality is not my priority.”

Yeah, sure thing.

7. “I'm like roommates with my wife/husband.”

What da?

8. “One night won’t hurt anyone.”

Oh really?

9. “Come over for a movie?”

What kind of a movie?

10. “I’m serious about you.”

Serious for how long?

11. “My house was broken into. Can I stay over tonight?”

And you're this calm about it?

12. “I live separately from my wife/husband.”

Your eyes don't say so!

13. “I saw you in my dream last night.”


14. “I swear you look so much like Adriana Lima, even more beautiful than her.”

Wow, how come I never realized that?

15. “I love you too!”

Should I believe you?

16. “You said you love dogs. Do you want to come over to meet my dog?”

Well, I’m actually allergic to fur.

17. “I will introduce you to the best directors of all time.”

Okay, and I’ll introduce you to the best lawyers of all time.

18. “I feel like I’ve known you for ages.”

Yes, we’re actually childhood friends.

19. “We’ll just cuddle, I promise.”

Oh really?

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