19 Healthy Signs Of A Healthy Relationship!


There are two kinds of relationships: In one kind, there is stupid and childish behavior and a struggle to get attention, as well as feeling of insecurity, and it just looks like a bad circus show. In the other one there are feelings of trust and affection and it feels like it is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Most of us have had ridiculous relationships, and a few of us have had a relationship where we don't have to struggle for attention and is not only exciting in the beginning, but also during every second of it.

Relationships are difficult and if you aren't careful they can turn into an emotion hell that will suck you into it, leave deep scars and embarrassing stories.

It is hard to see ahead of you in the foggy weather that we call love, and it can occasionally drive you crazy; however if you are in a healthy relationship, you know it because you feel secure and calm, and everything is the way that is supposed to be.

1. You don't have to hang out together every Friday evening.


You are not one of those people who keep their schedule cleared in case you happen to meet. You keep your plans with your friends as you have made them. If you don't have time on Friday, you will just meet on Saturday or Sunday, no need to sweat about it.

2. If your partner is in a bad mood, you don't automatically think that it is because of you.


Narcissism left your relationship a long time ago. You don't fight over trivial things and you don't assume that every awkward silence or down mood has something to do with you.

3. You don't have to pretend to like everything that your significant other does.


You are comfortable enough to say it when you don't feel happy about something or don't like it. You already know what the other one likes or dislikes.

4. You don't ask each other where you want to go to eat, you already know the answer.


Deciding on where to eat isn't a two-hour boring game anymore. You both know what the other one wants; the only thing that is left to do is to determine who is going to win this game.

5. It isn't the case that one party constantly insists on having sex and the other one runs away.


You are both mature enough to deal with an adult sex life. You don't start thinking there is something wrong if you don't have sex for a couple of days. It is only a matter of seconds that when one initiates it, the other one gets as excited and willing as well.

6. Sex is much better, because it isn't only physical, but also emotional.


It isn't only trying new and strange positions. Sex will never get boring, because it is more than just sex now

7. Spending time with each other's family doesn't make you nervous.


Seeing your families together isn't a big deal. Your family is also comfortable around your partner and you don't have to look for a meaning in every mimic that your dad makes.

8. And sometimes spending time with your significant other's family is very relaxing for you.


You see his/her family as an opportunity to take a break from yours. They offer all the advantages of a family, without the complicated feelings that have been piling up for years. There is someone who cooks for you without b*tching about you putting your napkin on your lap.

9. You don't feel obliged to hang out.


Spending time away from each other isn't a bad sign. You can go on for days without seeing each other and your relationship is strong enough to not diminish your craving for each other because of this.

10. You are as comfortable with being silent as you are with talking.


The fact that you haven't talked for 2 hours doesn't mean that you don't have anything to talk about. It just means that you aren't scared of being silent and that it doesn't say anything bad about your relationship. Also, sometimes not talking is what you exactly need.

11. You have your own hobbies and friends.

You have your own hobbies and friends.
You have your own hobbies and friends.

You have a partner who respects your life before him/her and the fact that you want to retain that life. You are understanding and supportive for the time you spend away from each other.

12. You ask things out of curiosity, not jealousy.


You ask each other about your day only because you are interested, not because you are playing detective. You embrace each other's success or failure as if it was your own.

13. You don't worry about who pays for what.


You pay this time and your partner pays next time. You are way beyond trying to impress one another with free food. It is only about sharing and caring.

14. You have the same bad habits.


The fact that sharing a cigarette is among your favorite relationship moments is perfectly natural. You get along because you get each other; and if you are going to quit smoking or drinking, you are going to do it together.

15. You can criticize and warn each other.


You enjoy your bad habits as much as you want to quit them together. However, when a habit becomes excessive, you can warn each other; not because you have bad intentions, but because you care.

16. You don't like public displays of affection.


Here, we are assuming that you have been together for a while now, because as you know, these things don't last forever. When you see a couple eating each other up on the train, you worry about their relationship, not yours.

17. Not everything is a "we"


The fact that you are together doesn't mean that you turn into your significant other. You want to preserve your own way of life and your personality. Being a "we" doesn't take away your right to be "I"

18. You both accept that you can make small mistakes and these don't translate as "the end of everything."


We can all go crazy or stupid from time to time. If one of you acts too curiously or the other one tells a white lie, you are well aware that nobody is perfect. And because you know it, you don't go apesh*t after every fight or because of every tiny mistake. You know very well that goofy mistakes aren't strong enough to end your relationship.

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