18 Unresolved Pictures That Will Make You Sh*t Bricks!


These 18 pictures will make you lose your mind. For some of them,, you might sa perfectly timed but most are just creepy. Is it the weird wonders of the world or signs that tell us some form of life exists here in our universe. Whatever they are, they're just creepy. Let's see what these pictures are that we saw earlier on Buzzfeed

1. Can anyone explain this frame of a video taken by someone on a flight?

Who is that? What are they doing? Are they okay? Are they coming for me?

2. Welcome to Ireland’s Leap Castle, home to a mysterious spirit called “The Elemental.”

Apparently, “The Elemental” spirit protects the castle, which is “used for initiations and druidic magick.”

3. A ghost will probably come for YOU if you visit Jablanica Lake in Bosnia. The lake dried up and casually revealed a cemetery.

4. In Hawaii there are anthropomorphic lava formations that look like they’re straight from the underworld.

5. In Poland there’s the “Crooked Forest,” where you know shit has gone down:

6. Can you imagine flower-picking and seeing this extremely creepy case of a dead man’s fingers?

7. Or you’re taking a nice hike in the forest, and suddenly it’s like, “Oh, look, a tree that looks like a woman/crucifixion!”




11. Wait, can anyone explain this Hitchcock-style crow invasion?

12. Or even worse, this beetle invasion in Argentina?

13. At least it wasn’t an invasion of caterpillars, like this one that looks like Edgar Allen Poe.

14. And can I help you with something possessed doll from Singapore?

15. Was it you who wrote this message in an abandoned church?

16. Or maybe you wrote this one, found in an abandoned home in Massachusetts?

“I love you. More than you know. I’ve missed you since you died. Please stop visiting.”

17. And what the devil is Satan doing above this innocent little church?

18. Seriously, what the HELL?

Not today, Satan. Goodbye!

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