18 Types Of Guys To Avoid!


Why do relationships have to be sooooo damn complicated and difficult? One day you think you have found the man of your dreams and the next day he turns into the biggest a-hole you have ever seen. While guys go on and on about how difficult it is to understand women, they are completely unaware of the fact that their behavior rarely makes sense. 

Nobody wants to waste time on "the wrong person" while we are looking for "the one". These types of behavior can tell a lot, and the rest depends on you and your answer to the same old question "Do/can people really change?"

1. He gets away from you for a couple of days when you have a fight, just because he doesn't want to deal with you; and comes back once you are calm and acts like nothing has happened.

He mistakenly thinks that you will miss him and forgive him when he gets away for a while. This method usually works, though;  because you can't afford being without him. He knows this, and uses this expertly. They you say "I forgive you." and it is back to business as usual.

2. He doesn't want to accept that you have zero feelings for him, and tries to succeed by persisting and trying harder.

OK, I know. Sometimes women play hard to get, but that's something else and is totally noticeable. But "NO" is still "NO"!

3. He doesn't get that you aren't interested in him, but tries to arouse pity for himself to get his way.

This one is worse than the previous, because they are after manipulating your emotions. Well, it isn't a puppy that you can adopt, it is a man!

4. He makes you regret for showing him your sensitive side the first chance he gets.

After a long process of building trust, you finally open up to him and tell him about your deep deep secrets and the first time you have a fight, he uses this information against you. It hits you like a virtual slap, but it isn't your fault. Tell him to walk away.

5. He announces his love for you every chance he gets, but steps back when it comes to bravery.

He loves you sooooo freaking much that he doesn't want to be around your family or protect or support you when you need him to. You see my point, right?. A man who is in love doesn't feel the need to talk about his love to you at every chance. You don't expect him to do that either, because he finds a way to make you feel it.

6. He satisfies his ego by mentioning tiny details about his past relationship to arouse your curiosity.

As he is also dying to know more about your past, he assumes your weak spot to be the same. He feeds you with tiny parts and you go crazy with the questions "Who was this?, "Who was that?", "What did they go through?"

7. He ignores the suggestions that you make because you care about him.

Smoking is bad, yes, you can quit for me; or at least not smoke around me.

When seeing even a tiny bit of effort would be enough for you, he even doesn't hear you out.

8. He puts you down and tries to deem himself more valuable with the messages "I love you despite your shortcomings, but somebody else so wouldn't."

He starts with "Have you put on extra pounds." and goes on with "You are short.", "Your cooking is sh*tty.", "You can't get along with my mom.", "Your hair sucks". He goes on and on and on... If a person really loves you, he wouldn't see this many flaws in you, or he wouldn't say it in such a hurtful way.

9. After you reject him, he can't take it and uses other women that like him to show you how big the fish that you let go off was.

Oh, no! That big fish? Bye and have fun in the sea with other fish, I guess.

10. You are just an obsession or ambition for him: the more you reject him, the more he (wrongly) thinks that he loves you.

For him, you are no longer the person you are. You are just something to win. He goes above and beyond to win your heart and makes you think "Aww, he cares so much about me!". Well, once he has you, he won't stay even for three seconds. He only loved the challenge, not you.

11. He thinks your emotional side is unnecessary, and even stupid.

As he isn't much better than a lumber, he has no emotions and he never understands why you would. It is unnecessary for you to cry/feel emotional when you see a small kitten on the street, cold and abandoned; because last time he cried was when his home country limped out of the world cup.

12. He talks about how much you damaged him by rejecting him, how sick you caused him to feel, how long he had to stay in bed and makes you feel guilty.

Challenge him to feel even worse.

13. He thinks he owns the world just because you haven't objected to his jealous bullsh*t.

He told you not to wear a certain piece of clothing and you thought "Who needs to fight now, I will wear it later" and kept quiet; but all he thinks about is "She is doing everything I tell her to do. I am the king."

14. He wants to be your first ever boyfriend.

He always has to be the first, because if he isn't, he will lose his mind thinking if he is better than the previous one, or not. And some also think that you are a slut if you have had other men before him. How about him? How many women has he had before you?

15. He compares you to his mom.

He talks about his mom's food and everything. Yes, we also love our moms but why compare? We aren't even in the same league, and we definitely want to keep it that way!

16. Know-it-all men

There are things that you are good at, and there are things that we are good at. Nobody has to know everything, nobody can now everything; and you, mister are no exception!

17. He notices your interest in him and plays with you.

He acts as if he has no idea that you like him. He comes to you and then runs away; repeatedly. Then he asks "But what happened now? We are just friends."

18. He is too/not at all interested

There are some guys who want to know everything about you, which seems like a good thing at first but will cause problems later on.

And there are some other, who wouldn't know if you died. Come on guys, there is a middle way here, it can't be that difficult!


No man is perfect, because nobody is perfect. What matters is that you have a man with whom you feel happy and safe, have fun, who doesn't suffocate you, who listens to you and loves you. This is already as perfect as it can get.

Don't forget that you should be accepting of some of the flaws of your partner and he makes some of the mistakes that he does without thinking, but because he loves you. Don't leave a man that loves you.

However, if you experience the above-mentioned situations often; or you don't experience any of them but feel like you aren't loved and appreciated; don't let anybody push you around. Speak up. Walk away from the men who don't love you. Nobody is worth having an unhappy life. The day that you will stop reading these and finding similarities with your life and find real love.

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