18 Reasons Why Having A Nephew Or Niece Rocks!


If you have it, you know it. Being an uncle or an aunt is such a wonderful gift. You have so much fun seeing them and spending time with them. We bet you’ll want to reach out to them right after this article! :)

1. That weird sensation you get the moment you realize you are now an uncle/aunt.

2. Until you have your own child, it’s the most intense love you’ll ever feel towards a kid.

3. Every time you walk across a toy store, you try really, REALLY hard not to get them a present...

but the look on their face will always be priceless.

4. Even if the thing they want is all the way around the world, you are always ready to get it.

Who could say no to that face?

5. You always try and be there the first time they learn how to ride a bike or tie their own shoes.

6. When they spend a day or two with you, and it’s time to go, they’ll ask if they can stay longer, and you will always say yes.

it's a sign of true love.

7. When they start looking up to you, you start making yourself become a better role model.

8. After all, we know the niece takes after the aunt and the nephew takes after the uncle. Always be prepared.

9. You are always on their side when parents say no to something.

10. When they get good grades and become successful, you always take a bit of credit for yourself.

11. Your Facebook and Instagram are filled with your photos taken together.

12. You always ask to talk to them on the phone, every time you are talking to your brother or sister.

Hearing them call you uncle/aunt will make your day go much better.

13. You start wondering whether you loved your uncle or aunt this much when you were little.

14. Seeing them jump for joy when they see you every time you visit them.

15. Even when they are 15, in your eyes, they will always be 5.

16. When they become a teenager, you share your experience with them, instead of criticizing.

And this is how you’ll become the ultimate mentor.

17. You realize your desire to become a parent is constantly rising, even if you never wanted to have a kid.

18. And you can’t stop thinking about how much you would love your own child if you are love your nephew/niece THIS much!

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