18 Nerve Wrecking Moments Every Women On Their Period Go Through!


It's time we speak more freely about female periods. We all have those ~moments~ when we are bleeding to death from our vaginas... Don't worry this list will only bring laughs to those disturbing period moments! Inspired by Buzzfeed, here are 18 nerve wrecking moments every women on their period experience:

1. When you don't feel like wearing something dark and your period makes you regret it.

2. When you flush the toilet, only to find out that bloody paper towel insists on not flushing away.

3. Every time you sneeze. Every. Damn. Time.

4. When you go to sleep in peace but wake up in blood.

5. When the sticky part of your pad gets stuck to you and you have to sacrifice your pubes to survive.

6. When you get out of the shower and you drip, not only water but blood too. Oops!

7. When you give birth to a blood clot blended egg part...

8. Or worse when you're on the toilet, and everything just explodes down.

9. Not to mention the killer cramps...


10. When all of the jeans feel uncomfortable and you only wear whatever you can find with a loose waistband.

11. You either can't shit or can't stop shitting. There's no in between.


12. When you have to clean up your butt while on a heavy flow...


13. How you think your pants look when you're on your period and have been sitting down for a long while:

14. When you get an unexpectedly surprise period:

15. When you ask someone for a pad out of desperation and they only have the light ones without 'wings.'

Is this a napkin?

16. When you smell your period and wonder if everyone else can smell it too, but clearly, can't ask them...

17. When you lose your favorite panties in this war of blood.

18. And you think it's over only to find out IT'S ALWAYS WATCHING YOU.

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