18 Highly Interesting Facts About Pregnancy


If you've been pregnant before or you witnessed it, you should already know some of these. But we’re sure that the things you are about to read will surprise you a lot.

Here are some facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind.

1. Babies can taste what their mothers eat.

The baby also enjoys the strawberries that were searched for all over the city in the middle of the night!

2. Babies pee into the womb and then drink the same liquid.

You know that you did it now…

3. Amniotic fluid is usually hygienic urea.

It’s also totally natural and healthy.

4. The longest pregnancy was for 12.5 months.

But, of course, it is not healthy!

5. Most twins are born in Africa.

A pretty mysterious situation...

6. When women who are expecting a baby or have already had one see a crying baby, they lactate.

Supply-demand balance…

7. 1 out of every 2000 baby is born with teeth.

It happens when mother gets a lot of calcium during pregnancy.

8. Mothers can be oblivious if they’re expecting a baby boy.

It's about the hormones…

9. Babies cry inside the mother’s womb.

But moms can’t hear them, thankfully!

10. Pregnant women release as much estrogen in one day that is normally released in 3 years. This causes them to be extremely emotional.

Don’t make pregnant women sad!

11. The womb grows 500 times bigger during pregnancy.

And it causes an uncomfortable situation since it puts force on the bladder and other viscera. Mothers literally “carry” their babies.

12. The mother’s heart and feet also grow, according to the size of the womb.

Especially the last months, it gets harder to move.

13. Baby’s fingerprints are formed in the first 3 months.

And, as we all know, fingerprints are unique for everyone!

14. Baby boys can get an erection in the womb. They actually do this very often.

We don’t know what to comment on this one…

15. A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases by 50%; that’s why they get prettier and their cheeks turn pink.

That’s why people say you “glow” when you’re pregnant.

16. The need to pee a lot in the last months of pregnancy may mask early labor symptoms.

The number of woman who thought they needed to pee and actually gave birth is pretty high!

17. The estrogen hormone released from the placenta increases the sensitivity of taste and smell.

And this causes cravings and nausea from bad smells.

18. The developmental stage of a baby’s face is like this:

And at the end, they become the cutest creature on earth.

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