17 Wardrobe Essentials Every Stylish Man Should Have


Men maybe fall behind women when it comes to fashion, but it started to change in the latest years and men are now spending more time to think about their style.

But what are the essentials every guy needs in his wardrobe? We compiled 17 of those for you!

1. Suit

It may be the most important thing when it comes to men’s fashion. It’s an essential at work, openings, weddings, a nice restaurant, almost everywhere. So you don’t have any excuse! You gotta have it!

2. Brown shoes

You’ll use it with many combinations.

3. Watch

The most important accessory of a man!

4. White shirt

Do we need to explain?

5. Boots

A casual boot that would match many pants would be very practical.

6. Coat

The primary condition to look good in the winter.

7. Umbrella

Not the ones you buy for $5, a really good one.

8. Travel bag

For short business trips or weekend getaways.

9. Belt

An important accessory that defines a man’s style.

10. Work bag

It may sound old fashioned, but it shouldn’t. It’s an elegant and useful piece to have.

11. Classic jeans

Not low rise, ripped, or slim fit. A classic-cut jean in a classic color.

12. Light Blue Shirt

Light blue shirts are men’s best friends. They match perfectly with almost everything.

13. Trench Coat

Something that’ll definitely enhance your style.

14. Blazer

Both fancy and casual. The best way to add some elegance to your casual look.

15. Chino

You can’t always wear jeans, right?

16. Jean Jacket

A pretty good choice as long as you don’t use them with same color jeans.

17. Cardigan

You can take them off or wear them back depending on the temperature of the room you’re in to balance your body temperature.

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