17 Traits Of People That Become Unsocial Upon Finding A Partner!


We unfortunately see this too often. Our friends, with whom we spend our days, share our special moments and at whose side we stood during their bad days; disappear. Then we find out that they are in a relationship. Because they are selfish, they decide they don't need you anymore and stop calling and texting. However, they forget about karma. The day when they realize how wrong they have been comes, but it is too little, too late.

Here are the most common traits of such people:

1. Even when it hasn't been 2 days since they met their partner, they slowly start breaking contact.


They ditch you and start not keeping their promises. The person, who used to call you or text you all day long becomes the person who never contacts you or cares about you. They start acting as if the only thing they want is a gf/bf.

2. They prove that they can give up on 15-year old friendship in 15 days.


Maybe you've been friends with them since your childhood, but this doesn't mean anything for them. By drifting away from you for a person with whom they have been together with only 15 days, they show their true face and character.

3. At the beginning, they resort to lies to avoid you instead of being honest.


They try to handle you for a while with lies instead of frankly saying "I have a partner now, I don't need you, so get the f*ck out," which is actually what they want to say. The person who has always avoided their family or school work suddenly begins to say lies like: "We are visiting my aunt," or "I have homework."

4. When you invite them to meet outside, they tell you that they will definitely come, but for some reason, they never show up.


Instead of clearly rejecting you, they assure you that they are going to meet with you. You wait for them, but they don't show up. After a while, you receive a text with a stupid excuse and maybe buy it.

5. They try to defend themselves by saying "I have been hanging out with you all this time, let me spend some time with my gf/bf, too."


And if you say "What are you talking about? You can hang out with both of us," they can't reply because they are seriously bored of you and they have viewed you only as the person that would save them from being lonely. They don't actually care about you. They only care about themselves and are selfish.

6. They never admit to what they are doing and they try to defend themselves with stupid (non)arguments.


They just don't find it odd that while they used to call you every day and push you to go out on the weekends, they have suddenly started ignoring you.

7. They become cocky and they start saying things like "One day, you will also find somebody, don't worry."


They never see that the main problem is their disloyalty to you. They think that you are jealous of them and you also want a bf/gf. Even this proves how low this kind of person can go.

8. If that friend is of the opposite gender, they want to use you to make their gf/bf jealous at the beginning.


They start sharing pictures with you on Facebook and just use you for their own interest.

9. A friend of the opposite gender might even pretend to not know you if you run into each other somewhere.


After they use you to make their partner jealous and get really attached to their gf/bf, they might choose to not know you anymore. You might receive low brow texts like "Well, my bf/gf is getting jealous, it is for the best that we don't see each other for a while."

10. They think that they will never need you again, but they couldn't be more wrong.


They convince themselves that they will never need you once they put everything on track with their new partner. They don't value you or any other friends that they (used to) have. However, they will realize how wrong they are later on.

11. The friendship they have with their partner weighs more than the one they have with you. They believe they don't feel your absence.


However, they are very mistaken, because if they have a problem with their gf/bf, the person they will need will be you. They can't predict this and get deceived by the magic of the honeymoon period.

12. They base their whole life on their partner.


No matter what you might have done for them in the past, they don't even think about you. They believe that they will be hanging out with their sweetheart forever.

13. They make you think that calling these people 'friend' is actually an insult to your real friends.


They have become so disgusting with their behavior that you reach the point where you damn the whole concept of friendship. You regret all the time you have spent with them and those special moments, but there is nothing much that you can do.

14. They are the people who will get very screwed once their relationship ends.


It is the sad truth, and we would also want them to be happy despite all their lies and disloyalty, but people with this kind of character also can't make their relationships work.

15. After their relationship ends, they try to get close to you again and re-establish the friendship.


But they don't realize that it is too late. You have seen their true face and you don't want to be friends with them anymore. However, now that they don't have a sweetheart, they do the only thing that they can: try to be friends with you again.

16. They try to come out smelling like a rose. They send texts like "But you never call!" and you want to punch them in their stupid face.


If they can't win you back by initiating things, they start blaming you and trying to make you feel guilty. They lie through their teeth by saying "I did call you, but you never replied." They are the best at stepping on your nerves.

17. But now you know better than being friends with such a person.


You now know very well what kind of a person they are, and you don't want such people in your life. They don't get it, and insist that there is nothing else they can do. And the only thing you can do is to wish them luck, walk away and pick your friends more carefully.

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