etiket 17 Psychological Facts & Tricks That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

> 17 Psychological Facts & Tricks That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

If you can master the human mind, you can master anything in this world. Of course, we can’t give you a neuroscience lecture here, but at least you can use some simple tricks that’ll be helpful in your daily life and your relationships. Here are 17 facts and tricks that’ll make your life a lot easier!

1. When you’re discussing something with someone, don’t sit face to face with them. Instead, sit next to them.

If you sit face to face with someone, your positions would feel like you’re on the opposite sides of the argument. For both of you to feel less competitive and less aggressive, you should sit next to each other.

2. Act like the person you want to be.

For example, you may be shy, you may have stage fright, but if you don’t “actively” think about the traits of yours that you don’t like, it’ll be easier to act like the person you want to be. If you keep telling yourself that you’re a good public speaker, it gets easier to talk in public.

3. Contagious yawning is closely linked to empathy.

Babies don’t catch yawns. Yawn contagion only starts to appear around the age of four or five, about the same time as empathy.

And people with psychopathic personality traits, and people with autism – a condition associated with lower levels of empathy – are also less likely to catch yawns.

4. “Tiramisu” comes from Italian and means “pick me up,” "cheer me up," or "lift me up."

GET IT? Do you see why people love to eat dessert when depressed?

5. If you want to convince someone of something, talk with confidence.

“I think,” “if you ask me,”  “in my opinion,” “maybe,”... These kinds of phrases imply that you’re not confident about what you’re talking about. Instead, use phrases like “definitely,” “for sure,” “absolutely” etc.

6. If you’re absolutely sure about not forgiving someone, think again.

Studies show that cortisol levels were far more likely to jump in unforgiving people; so not sitting down and resolving problems with people might actually be doing serious damage to your health as well as your relationship.

7. And research shows that ignorant people are more likely to see themselves as perfect while intelligent people underestimate their skills and capabilities.

8. When you’re in love, your brain ignores the other person’s defects and sees them as if they’re perfect.

9. The ability to think about the way you think is a sign of high intelligence.

10. When people are physically exhausted they’re more likely to tell the truth.

That’s why we tell each other our deepest secrets at night.

11. If a person’s body odor attracts you that means their immune system genetics are different from yours.

11. If a person’s body odor attracts you that means their immune system genetics are different from yours.

12. People who get shy easily are more dependable, honest, and generous.

13. Our body temperature is strongly related to our sleep pattern.

That’s why it gets extremely difficult to fall asleep on hot summer days. The ideal room temperature is 64-86 °F (18-30 °C) for a good night's sleep.

14. If you call a person’s name several times during a conversation when you first meet them, they feel like you’re interested in them and actually care about what they have to say.

15. Thinking positively doesn’t guarantee success, but thinking negatively guarantees failure.

16. If a voter is not well-informed about the elections, it’s very likely that they choose the first name on the list.