17 Main Traits Of People Who Succeed With No Effort!

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You know the type. They sit at the back of the classroom. They don't seem to not care about the class at all but when it’s time for testing, they get the highest scores.

Later at work life they attend meetings with no interest and keep themselves busy scribbling on paper but at the end of the meeting they come up with the best idea. Don Draper, is that you?

Yeap. We know them. We hate them. Yet still we made a list to get them know better.

1. While others are working/studying they dream...

2. But when they work they are extremely efficient. They always hand in their tasks on time.

3. They are born creative. Either they play an instrument or they are interested in literature. They have an artsy side.

4. They pretend to be know-it-all type. It’s their self-defense mechanism against others.

5. They get bored easily.

6. They love details. They find small things extremely interesting.

7. Instead TV they enjoy watching the life itself. They can watch a leaf in the wind or a cat playing around for hours.

8. They always have a busy mind. Their imagination is endless.

9. Their inner world is deeper than it seems to be. You can never get it all.

10. You can never guess their reactions, they always surprise you.

11. They embrace problems others try to avoid. It’s fun to try and solve puzzles!

12. They are easily distracted.

13. Some of them might be alienated from the society because they are different.

14. They have many regrets. They always have an inner conflict.

15. They don’t brag about their success. Their success is normal for them.

16. They are messy. Their room is similar to their mind.

17. There's still a child inside them. They aren't shy about following this child either!

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