17 Hilarious Shower Thoughts That You've Been Waiting All Your Life!


The shower is one of the places that we visit every day and we can totally disconnect our mind from the outer world. Mind moves away from the troubles and distractions but when mind begins to wander, it can obviously come up with brilliant shower thoughts! Here are some amazing shower thoughts that will haunt you for the rest of your life.


1. Romance would be so much different if you knew who masturbates while thinking of you.

2. A date is like a two-way interview where both the people are trying to get hired while evaluating whether to the other person or not.

3. 70% of the earth is covered in water but in movies spaceships always crash on land.

4. "Ain't no" is a double negative so Gwen Stefani is a hollaback girl.

5. A deaf person with one arm technically has a speech impediment.

6. Art teachers tell you there's no right or wrong in art, then proceed to give you a project with 25 requirements.

7. As teenagers, getting picked up was embarrassing because everyone started driving. As adults, getting picked up is great because you don't have to drive.

8. Everyone assumes you're busy when they see you watching a movie, but don't hesitate to interrupt you when you're reading a book.

9. At least one Jedi probably killed themselves because they were holding their lightsaber the wrong way around when they turned it on.

10. Storage Wars is basically some grown men opening loot boxes.

11. Technically everything you throw at a blind person is a UFO to them.

12. Jafar didn't use his staff to hypnotize Jasmine into marrying him when he could have. He may be evil, but he believe in consent.

13. When you drop a Lego model, it's not technically broken. It's just been returned to factory settings.

14. The creator of Photosop could've had a lot of fun if he did not tell anyone.

15. There are numbers that can theoretically be said but are so long that we physically can't live long enough to say.

16. Teachers get paid surprisingly little considering the future of the country relies on how seriously they take their jobs.

17. Whatever lazy sack made it acceptable to gift wrap by sticking your shit in a bag and jamming tissue paper on top deserves a freaking medal.

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