17 Features Of Women Who Live For Themselves!

> 17 Features Of Women Who Live For Themselves!

There are so many ways to define an humans, but we still try to find out more about them. And there is one kind of human  you are bound to envy: Women who live life only for themselves!

1. Their only criteria is their own tastes, own thoughts and own ethical concerns. They don't give a sh*t about what other people say.

2. But it doesn't mean that she isolates herself from society; she only decides on how to live and her feelings by herself.

3. Women living for themselves are strong and viable, and break the walls into pieces for the ones who try to put them up.

4. She never lets anyone shape, direct or stereotype her; she follows her own logic.

5. A woman living for herself doesn't need approval or permission from anyone. She only accounts for herself.

6. She never categorizes, stigmatizes, or prejudges anyone; she expects the same approach when she is in question.

7. She's always straightforward, honest, righteous and never lets tricks, games, or plans get in the way of human relations.

8. Obviously, she's far away from implying, pretending, evoking etc, when she wants to say something, she does it directly and straightaway.

9. She doesn't have masks, doesn't sail under false colors, and doesn't feel ashamed for herself or try to false pretense.

10. She knows well what her expectations are, how she wants to live, and what life means to her.

11. This doesn't mean that her life is monotone or colorless; for her, this is only a way to increase the joy of life.

12. A woman living for herself is respectful to the whole existence, which makes her a perfect nature and pet lover.

13. You can't say things about her like, 'she likes traveling, going to the theater, reading, walking' etc. She likes everything that'll make her happy.

14. If you have to find an adjective to describe a woman who is living for herself, it would definitely be 'independent.'

15. Don't these women have fears, doubts or worries? Of course they do, but they know well how to deal with them, and how to get over it.

16. They don't try to change people who come into their lives, whether men or women. As we said- they respect all lives, and they don't have difficulties in accepting people as they are.

17. They don't like showing off or boasting; they only give encouragement, influence and inspiration to people.