etiket 17 Facts About Sex That’ll Blow Misconceptions Out Of The Water

> 17 Facts About Sex That’ll Blow Misconceptions Out Of The Water

There are certain things said about sex, certain generalizations that are regarded as facts that have nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. We wanted to explore some misconceptions, learned falsities, and conservative assumptions about sex. We feel it’s up to us to set the record straight on some urban myths, sexist clichés, and populist claims...

1. First of all, sex is not defined according to sex. Everyone is unique and perceive sex regardless of their gender.

2. It’s not true that men think about sex much more than women.

3. It’s not true that women always want to cuddle and be romantic and that men only want sex.

4. You don’t necessarily need a man and a woman for sex.

5. You don’t necessarily need 1 man and 1 woman for sex.

6. It’s very common for a partner to reject sex when they don’t feel like doing it. Couples might not be turned on at the same time, nobody should feel like they should have sex to not hurt their partner’s feelings.

7. Sex isn’t necessarily confined to the bedroom or the bed.

8. Some people might not enjoy having sex, it’s not abnormal to be asexual.

9. Sex will not ensure your partner will love you, it won’t save a relationship in the long run.

10. Spicing things up in the bedroom doesn’t mean that your partner is bored with you and is looking for something new.

11. Your sex life doesn’t end after menopause.

12. Penetration isn’t the ultimate goal of sex. Sometimes and for some people it can be important but if there isn’t a problem for both parties it can be done without.

13. Sex isn’t proof that you love your partner.

14. You can have sex while you’re pregnant. This isn’t unhealthy, disgusting, or wrong.

15. It’s normal to masturbate while having sex regularly. Sex and masturbation don’t necessarily equate.

16. How frequently you have sex depends on the person, numbers are unimportant and there’s no standard to abide by.

17. Sex and age have nothing to do with each other. It’s not true that young people are passionate and old people don’t want to have sex at all.