16 Sunburn Fails That Are Too Painful Yet Funny As Hell


Many of you are still on summer vacation, probably, or planning it when the sun still shines. But you may want to think twice before sunbathing after you see these people. Their unfortunate attempt to get a tan seems to end up pretty painful, and yes, hilarious.

Take care, holiday goers! And watch out your prankster friends.

1. “Feel the burn!”

2. Put your hand on your heart, but don’t sleep like that.

3. Cool style…

4. Keep laughing until someone slaps you in the belly, man…

5. OK. No, never mind.

6. Walk the walk. Well, maybe in a better pair of slippers…

7. It’s not her, it’s your dirty mind, suckers!

8. Take that frown off your face man, red looks good on you.

9. It looks like a job of someone with symmetry obsession.

10. White and black have never been this close to each other.

11. It was supposed to be a brand new symbol for a brand new superhero, I guess.

12. “Get the hell away from me, woman”

13. It’s the perfect time of year to start exporting yoghurt to Russia...

14. “Are you sure it was the sun who did this to you, boy?”

15. "Slap me baby one more time"

16. What's a girl to do?

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