16 Reasons Why Harry&Hermione Wouldn't Work! :(

> 16 Reasons Why Harry&Hermione Wouldn't Work! :(

Those who've read or watched the Harry Potter series know well that the most probable love story in the series was Harry & Hermione's. We don't know why on earth the writer matched up a girl like Hermione with Ron, and chose Ron's sister Ginny (Ginevra) for Harry.

But we know that we all regret not seeing them fall in love. So, how come it didn't happen? We investigated for you.

1. Hermione was the clever girl, and Harry was quiet but popular.

And not the smartest, actually.

2. Maybe for that reason, Hermione found Harry inaccessible, as Harry was introduced as "the chosen one".

3. Every time Hermione sent Harry a signal, she never got a call back.

4. Whenever Hermione thought she had a chance to get closer, Harry was such a dork.

5. Hermione's personality was steady, yet Harry had so many up and downs.

There were reasons for that, but this way of life was way too much for Hermione.

6. Whatever the reason was, Harry always made time so Ron could be alone with Hermione.

7. Hermione didn't want to be the dominant side of her future relationship.

As much as she had the power to do that, she wanted to be protected.

8. Harry always had more important stuff to do.

9. In spite of every other thing Ron had, he was fun.

10. While Hermione was doing the stuff she enjoyed, she always had Ron beside her.

11. Harry was divided in so many other ways from the very first day of school.

His field of interests was really scattered, and he had no spare time.

12. Whenever Hermione needed a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold, Ron was always there.

13. Over the years, Harry still had a baby face, while Ron turned into a complete gent.

14. As a result, Hermione chose who made her happy...

15. and made her happy with Ron.

16. And Harry found his safe haven, Ginny.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness...

Zina Rena B. Rey


Tretchi Paring

They just expecting too much that's why they react like that.AND I agree with you miss EMIL Apostol, maybe they are not real fan of HARRY POTTER.

Jei Sumalde

But there are signs in books that Hermione liked Ron according to the author J.K. Rowling. It was written on her website. :) See More