16 Moments To Relate If Your Partner Is Hyperactive!

> 16 Moments To Relate If Your Partner Is Hyperactive!

Our significant others sometimes make us feel like there is a hyperactive kid at home, that can't stand still or stay somewhere for more than hour, and that can be very hard to keep up with...

1. There is no way you will be chilling at home when the weather is nice.

2. Not staying at home isn't that bad, but going to new places, hiking and climbing etc are unavoidable things for you.

3. Forget about partying only at one club, because after some time, every pub/club will get too boring for them.

4. There will come a time that only the questions like "Where shall we go? What should we do? Let's go out! Let's go somewhere else!" will be enough to exhaust you.

5. Forget about just laying down and relaxing during the holidays. Touristic adventures await! You can be lazy at home, too. (Or can you?)

6. Get used to long weekend trips. They will happen quite often.

7. Sometimes you will sound like a parent when you utter sentences like: "OK. We will leave as soon as I am done with this."

8. It isn't just traveling or wandering around, you will also not be allowed to sit in a club. Gotta shake that booty!

9. Playing games with your friends will turn into your nightmare because of your significant other's excitement, impatience and obscurity.

10. You won't be able to turn any suggestions down by making up an excuse, because there is someone next to you who is dying to join any activity.

11. Your sleep will also get affected. Your significant other, who gets up hours before you, will do anything to wake you up as well.

12. You will experience all the running around, chasing each other and jumping actions you are familiar with from the movies.

13. You will share your life with someone who always wants to take you somewhere if they find a cheap flight.

14. You will be surprised how you can find time for all of this and not neglect anything important.

15. The question "What if our kids turn out like him/her?" always haunts you.

16. The weird thing is, when you are alone, you feel like there is something missing in your life because you have gotten used to all this action.