16 Makeup Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing!


Sometimes it feels like there is someone telling you left and right that you can't do this, but you can do that. And they're basing it all on your eye color, hair color, or some "expert" advice they claim to have.

Well, in reality, there are a ton of makeup "tips" out there that ought to be exposed for what they really are: myths!

To combat the ever-growing conflicting advice out there, we've decided to share the most well-known makeup myths that were compiled by Bright Side. These truths might change your face...

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1. "Red lipstick is not for everyone."

Fact: This is 110% false. Red lipstick suits everyone, and all we need to do is to choose the right shade.

2. "We should throw mascara away when it dries."

Fact: Mascara’s shelf life is 3 months after the first use because this cosmetic product is the easiest way to pick up an eye infection. Over time, mascara becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can get into eyes.

3. "If you dip a mascara wand into the tube several times, you can get rid of clumps."

Fact: This is how air bubbles get into the tube and reduce the life of your mascara. Just dip the wand into the tube and twist.

4. "You don’t really need to remove makeup before going to bed."

Fact: Our skin regenerates, moisturizes, and becomes fresher while sleeping. If you leave your makeup on overnight, your pores will clog and it can lead to skin dehydration and infections.

5. "Cosmetics don’t have an expiration date and can be used until they run out."

Fact: No, and no again! The majority of cosmetic products have a shelf life, and the manufacturers always print it on labels using a special sign. The countdown starts as soon as you open the product.

6. "You can avoid washing makeup brushes if you’re the only person who uses them."

Fact: Your makeup brushes come into contact with a great number of products and surfaces. The longer you avoid washing them, the more bacteria accumulates in their fibers. This can not only lead to skin diseases but can also reduce your brushes’ shelf life.

7. "Cosmetic products don’t go bad."

Fact: If you don’t store your cosmetics properly, they will spoil before the expiration date arrives. For example, it’s not recommended to leave some beauty products in dark or warm places.

8. "You can apply waterproof mascara every day."

Fact: If you don’t think you’ll get caught in the rain and you have no other reason to use waterproof mascara, it’s better to use an ordinary one. At the end of the day, you’ll have to make a greater effort to remove waterproof mascara and excessive eye rubbing will make your eyelashes weaker.

9. "Moisturizing cream can easily replace foundation."

Fact: Besides moisturizing, foundation smoothes your skin. In addition, makeup applied over foundation will last much longer.

10. "Concealer goes on before foundation."

Fact: On the contrary, it’s recommended to apply foundation first and then hide the other skin imperfections using concealer. This way you won’t use more than you need, and your makeup will look more natural.

11. "Foundation has a bad effect on your skin."

Fact: Modern foundation contains lots of useful skin-caring ingredients, SPF protection, and components that protect skin from adverse environments, moisturizing it during the day. All you need is to choose a product according to your skin type.

12. "Eyebrows should be 2 tones darker than hair."

Fact: Follow this rule only if you have light hair. Brunettes should avoid dark eyebrows — they make the face look rugged.

13. "To make lips look fuller, you should outline them."

Fact: This trick works well in photo sessions, but in real life over-contoured lips look artificial. Try applying some light shiny eyeshadow or face powder over your Cupid’s bow and some shiny lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. Thanks to the play of light, your lips will look fuller.

14. "Dark eyeliner makes eyes look bigger."

Fact: Dark eyeliner in a smokey-eyes style really makes eyes more expressive, but thick black wings create a deep-set effect, and, as a result, the eyes look smaller. To make them look bigger it’s better to apply light eyeshadow and eyeliner to the inner eyelid.

15. "Foundation is not allowed around the eyes."

Fact: Foundation products of the new generation are alcohol-free, which means they don’t dry skin. You can apply them around the eyes without fear of emphasizing small wrinkles.

16. "Blue eye shadow is a relic of the past."

Fact: Recent makeup trends tell a different story: blue, turquoise, and azure eyeshadow are now the fashion. A touch of blue with beige (or just blended blue) is enough for everyday makeup, but if you prefer to apply blue eyeshadow to the whole eyelid, use black eyeliner to draw a wing over the eyeshadow — it will add charm to your image.

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