16 Great Reasons For Girls To Consider Studying Engineering!

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No this is not a joke and yes we mean it! We are talking about majors like mechanical engineering, automotive engineering where the male students outnumber female students by miles! Some people say engineering is not girls. (Duh!). Contrary to the general belief, we say it’s a major advantage for girls to study engineering. Oh and it gets better, we have proof!

1. You'll literally be the princess of the class!

You don’t need to be concerned about finding course notes, studying alone or photocopying notes. There will be always be a knight ready for you! ;)

2. Finding a boyfriend? Easy-peasy...

Just don't judge a book by its covers...

3. You have limitless options...

4. You don’t need to put on make-up every morning!

Which means 2 more hours of sleep! Whatever you do, there will be at least 30 guys to tell you how beautiful you look today!

5. You have no worries about ending up as a cat-lady.

Just from the freshman year you will have at least 45 good husband candidates!

6. Your self-esteem will automatically increase!

7. During your internship, you will be treated like vice president.

True story...

8. You will be really really familiar with guys' point of view on girls, world or basically on anything.

Also you can get insider tips from guys!

9. Your spending on personal care products will drastically decrease!

Less competition means less spending. Just a lipstick and eyeliner are more than enough.

10. Every day is a new adventure...

You will witness how super clever guys can fail so miserably to hold a good conversation.

11. You will be a pro at Clash of Clans, World of Warcraft, League of Legends or any other popular games.

Dungeons&Dragons, Magic: The Gathering as well!

PS: Hearthstone...

12. All the guys will be ready to help when you miss out on something from the lecture...

13. When you're done with school, you are more likely to find a job.

Don’t forget, you are one of a kind!

14. You will be the last choice for sweaty tasks.

As there are many guys to run around for these duties, why bother the lady?

15. In construction zones, there will always be a chair for you while all others are sitting on the floor.

16. At school and later on at work, you will be the only oasis in the dessert.

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