16 Clichés About Makeup Vloggers

> 16 Clichés About Makeup Vloggers

As you already know, make up bloggers are all over YouTube. You can't avoid make up tutorials on your suggestions sidebar. These vloggers have turned their interest in make up into a career. Many people earn a lot of money just by producing videos for YouTube. Although we enjoy watching them, they all share some weird behavior we can't seem to understand.

1. They pretend like applying liquid eyeliner is the easiest thing to do.

Eyeliners are not that easy, everyone knows that!

2. They paint themselves all over to achieve a no make up look.

What does that even mean? No make up look! It's much more complicated than a normal make up look.

3. Those candles in the background.

All of these vloggers have the same background with those scented candles in the back when they are shooting.

4. They show a ton of products you're not gonna be able to finish in years in those "empties" videos.

We have no single clue how one can finish so many products in a month.

5. The way they use their palms to show products to the camera.

This is actually for showing the true features of the product. However, you have to admit that it looks a bit weird.

6. All the high end products they get to use.

Someone has to tell these vloggers that we, normal people, are using only drugstore products. Those high end products are nothing but a dream to us. That is why we watch those videos in the first place.

7. They have a ton of make up brushes.

Let's be real here. Who has that many make up brushes? Ain't nobody got time for that. We are happy with our powder brush, that's it.

8. They smile all the time when they are applying their make up.

Probably they do this because they are shooting. No one smiles when they are doing make up. It's already a complex process, why force yourself to smile?

9. When they tell you this make up was a piece of cake after a 40 minute tutorial?!

The definition of easy is different for everyone.

10. The way they start their videos by waving their hands.

What is the reason behind all this excitement? You do that every single week. We already know who you are. These gals are full of energy!

11. The way they force themselves to smile when they finish their make up.

The way they look at the camera when they finish their make up -.-

12. Those videos when they make their BF's do their make up.

This is one of the common cliches around the vlogosphere. We are sorry for those boyfriends.

13. Those "what's in my bag" videos.

The most clean bags of world history.

14. Those night routine videos that are literally 2 hours long!

We couldn't  even count  the products. When are they going to sleep? We are grateful if we remember to brush our teeth.

15. The way they are obsessed with making their lips look fuller.

This is a typical vlogger behavior we are not able to understand to this day.

16. How they make contouring a complex process.

This is all Kim Kardashian's fault. Contouring is everywhere today. This process is very complex. You have to know which product you need to use just to change the shape of your face. It's still a mystery for many girls out there.

Bonus: "I just don't know what to do with myself!"

Even though all of these are familiar cliches, we still can't stop watching vloggers. They do all the amazing make up tutorials, and it's super fun to watch them. Just try it for yourself once to understand all the trouble they get in to do these looks!