15 Wardrobe Problems Sisters Go Through!


Maintaining a strong wardrobe is an art. But this whole troubling process gets easier when you have a sister. But is it really that cool for both of you? Let's find out!

1. First off, it's AWESOME to have a sister!

2. And if you are almost the same size, this means you'll have TWO wardrobes.

3. But sometimes, things get out of hand...

4. All your newest and nicest items will be constantly exposed to danger!

5. But when it's something new THEY bought, you can "probably" wear it in the next century.

6. They make fun of your purchases, yet still you see them sneaking out with the same dress later that week.

7. It's always "Oh I'm soooo sorry, I lost that skirt."

Then how the hell you are wearing the same skirt a week later?!

8. Even if they don't fit, they stretch 'em out...

But why...?

9. They take all the credit with your clothes, making you angry AF.

10. But the whole world would burn if you asked for something they never use...

11. They find, and wear, the very same things you were going to put on that day...

12. If she makes new and eye catching combinations with your spare clothes, things change...

It's on! Now it's MINE!

13. When that dress is borrowed by another friend, it's all gone!

14. The same dress looks much better on her!

15. After all, they're your sister and best friend in the world!

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