15 Things People Go Through When They're In An Undefined Relationship

> 15 Things People Go Through When They're In An Undefined Relationship

In modern life, we often see this type of relationship. You can find yourself in such a relationship at any moment; You may have already left behind such a relationship, perhaps right now you are in the middle of it and you know very well how well it feels.

1. This type of a relationship is quite good at first; there is no pressure nor responsibilities ...

2. It's nice to be able to do whatever you want, but after a certain period of time, that feeling of emptiness will emerge: What are we now and how long will it be like this?

3. You never say things like ''Love'' or ''Honey'' to each other.

And when it does happen sometimes, you feel how fake it is.

4. You don't phone each other too often, and you don't have many hours of conversations when you call.

When you call, you always ask yourself ''Is it an appropriate time to call? Would it be a problem if I do?' But if it was love, you'd know that there's nothing more important than you and you can call ass many times as you want. But it's not like that.

5. You can't be sure about how to introduce yourself to his/her friends and family when you are together with them.

You can't say you're partners, you can't say you're friends...

6. It's not easy to predict when the relationship will end when you're in that type of relationship; It may end at a time you can never know.

However, when you're in a relationship, you can guess you're heading towards the end of your relationship.

7. You look at each other's WhatsApp to check when she/he was last online but both of you never write to each other.

You are in each other's mind, which is not that often; You actually convince yourself that you don't want it when you want to know what he/she is doing.

8. Plans for the future are never spoken. This uncertainty is always disturbing, it wears you down over time.

You can't understand anything from each others' mimics. The question in your mind ''what are we now'' always keeps rotating.

9. You know more about his/her private life than his/her friends, but you know less than a lover.

You're just in the middle.

10. Are you together to get rid of your boredom or are you bored if you are not next to each other? You want to be sure of that.

If you do not need him/her when you're with your friends, this relationship won't have a name for a long time.

11. When you see the behavior that you don't like when you're together, you are hesitant to ask why.

Because if you think a little bit, you know that it's not really your business. However, if this was love, then it would concern you as much as it would concern your partner.

12. There may not always be an agreement between the two sides. One side might be sure he/she's in love while the other resists to give it a name.

The loving person becomes a character that the other person is just having fun with during this time. If you're sure that you're in love but the other side insists on not being legit, you take the chance to give it time to not damage what you have.

13. It's no surprise to hear "I promised a friend" when you say "Let's go out" and you go through this a lot.

You never know who that friend is, whether it's a boy or a girl, or the same person as the last time, or another...

14. When you love him/her, he/she doesn't want to be serious; And when one day the relationship ends, you can't ask ''why?''

There's no reason, it just doesn't happen. It wasn't even a relationship either. You can't say anything when he/she goes away, he/she hasn't promised you anything anyway. You were just hoping for it yourself. Then you come to realize that it's never been 'we', it was just 'me' and 'you.'

15. The answers are always the same when you ask why you didn't start a real relationship.

Relationships that he/she had in the past have already made him/her tired. He/she has been oppressed, has felt like in a prison, has been deceived, has suffered, and is still influenced by it. He/she has promised himself, he/she will not be hasty in the future relationships because there's still fear. There is a desire to live a good relationship, he/she doesn't want to lose you but doesn't want to get attached to you either.

When this type of relationship is over, at least there will be no destructive effects for the neither of the sides. These people use one side as a trial board until they find the perfect one, and the other side has to learn not to get attached too much.

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