15 Steps You Go Through When You Can't Go To Sleep!


You are just about to fall asleep, but all the stupid, random thoughts that don't pop into your head during the day, all come together at night and make a deal not to let you fall asleep. Unfair, isn't it? 😞

1. You feel tired as hell and decide to go to bed; everything is perfect. However, as soon as you put your head on your pillow, it all changes.


2. All the regrets of the day come rushing in at night: all the 'should have's and 'shouldn't have's.


3. While you try to get rid of these regrets, all your worries about your future armor up and attack you.


4. You want to sleep ASAP so you can stop thinking about everything, but then you remember a really embarrassing memory from years and years ago.


5. Trying different positions with your pillow, tossing and turning, and waiting for sleep never help.


6. You start obsessing about the smallest you normally wouldn't worry about, until they turn into major problems in your head that night.


7. Not being able to fall asleep will piss you off, and then everything else will start pissing you off. Although you normally like your pillow just the way it is, it will feel too soft/hard, or high/low that night.


8. You take your phone, hoping to be distracted and feel sleepy, but it never helps. If anything, it actually makes it worse.


9. You hope getting up to drink something will help, but then you have to pee soon after going back to bed.


10. You see that time skips every time you check it while you are being overwhelmed with your random thoughts.


11. If you have to get up early the next day, your situation gets more tragic and your stress coefficient rises.


12. If there is somebody else sleeping in the same room, they have probably fallen asleep as soon as their head touched their pillow, and deep down, you just feel jealous of them.


13. At some point, you're like "OK, no more thinking. I will NOT think about anything!" but only after a couple of seconds, you find yourself drifting into other random thoughts.


14. And after some hours, you just fall asleep without being aware of it, and have fantastic dreams.


15. The morning after that horrible night, you feel like you have been hit by a truck, and hope that the next night will be different.

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