15 Steps To Find Out If Your Man Is Marriage Material

> 15 Steps To Find Out If Your Man Is Marriage Material

Every woman dreams of wearing that white dress that makes them look like a princess. They want everything to be perfect and to have an unforgettably beautiful wedding. However, is the person you are planning to get married to the right person for you?

1. How is his relationship with his mother?

His relationship with his mother is like a preview of how much he values women. Everybody around you might be telling you to stay away from mama's boys. Don't listen to them. A guy who is disrespectful to his mom might be capable of doing worse things to other women.

2. Does he know what he wants?

We all heard the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up' a lot of times. This question is still important after we grow up. Stay away from the men who have no goals for the future, or who don't know their life mission.

3. Does he give up and fall over every time he is faced with a problem?

People who get grumpy and devastated with even the slightest problems will also drag you down. If that's the person you want to spend your life with, you will live surrounded by black clouds. Don't let the men who can't ever see the bright side into your life.

4. Is he scared of getting married?

Well, that's a huge lie. Actually, no men are scared of getting married. They either don't have the strength to carry the responsibilities that come with marriage, or it conflicts with their self interest. They are no different than the bee who thinks 'Why should I stick with only one flower while I can collect from hundreds of others out there?' Don't think that he will change his mind once your relationship advances. All men show their intentions from the beginning. We just don't want to see the truth, because love is blind.

5. Can he manage his anger?

Unfortunately all women experience physical or emotional violence at least once in their lives. Run away from that guy if he lays a hand on you, or if he shouts at you like a monster.

If you utter the sentence 'He actually loves me a lot and would never want to hurt me, but he can't help himself when he gets angry,' you should know that the part before 'but' has no value. You don't have to take this. That guy does not deserve you.

6. Does he acknowledge his mistakes?

The biggest virtue is being able to accept your mistake and being able to apologize. Unfortunately, many men come without this virtue. They hardly apologize, because even though they know that they are wrong, they see it as a weakness. However, if he comes to your door with flowers and your favorite chocolate and admits to it, he would have much more value and would turn into a greater person.

Don't let guys who can't admit their mistakes into your life. Don't throw yourself in the fire.

7. Does he intervene with your clothes, where you go, and what you do?

A little bit of jealousy is welcome and it nurtures the relationship. However, a man who cannot adjust its dosage may create serious problems. 'You can't wear that skirt,' 'I don't want you to see that guy again,' 'You have to be back by 9 at the latest'... Even typing this stuff pisses me off. You aren't a pet or a commodity of anybody. Don't let him give you orders and control your life.

You are an individual who existed before him, and who will exist after him.

Don't let him rid you of your self-respect.

8. Is he open to change?

The moment he says 'That's who I am, accept me as I am.' take your bag and say bye to him. Humans are open to change. Over years, our taste in fashion and music, our perspectives and many other things have changed.

A man who rejects change from the beginning and who says that he won't change his negative sides is actually telling the truth; he won't change. You don't have to accept him as he is.

If there are no compromises from both sides, that relationship can't have a long life anyways. Let him not change and live in his fixed world by himself.

9. Is he fun?

How will you spend your life with a guy, with whom you can't have fun? Imagine a life where you don't have fun together, laugh at stupid things and do crazy things together from time to time... Boring and depressing and suffocating!

10. Does he show compassion and affection?

If his heart also breaks when you are hurting, if he takes care of you when you are sick, if he makes you tea although he f*cks up the whole kitchen, and if he carries your bag when you are tired, hold on to him tight. Don't let him get away!

11. How is he with other people?

The fact that your man treats you like a princess is not enough. You can get to know him easily by observing how he behaves to others. Is he kind and friendly, or is he rude and bossy? A man who doesn't have mercy and kindness in his heart should have no place in your life.

12. Does he listen to you?

This is the reason behind failed marriages. Men are experts in pretending to listen. Make sure that he really listens to you, cares about your opinions and problems, and supports you.

An ideal partner should also be a good friend. The secret to a happy marriage is mutual respect and healthy communication. If he doesn't respect you or care about what you say or your opinions, leave him and move on without him.

13. Does he compare you to other people?

You can't have a relationship to compete with other men or women. You are perfect the way you are. You exist with your flaws, with your beautiful sides, with your mistakes and your opinions of what is right and wrong. If he constantly compares you to others and makes you feel bad, show him where the exit is and set yourself free.

14. Does he surprise you?

I am, of course, not saying that he should pull up in front of your building with a truck full of red roses, but he should surprise you from time to time and make you happy. If you are tired, he can go to the kitchen and surprise you with a snack; if you are feeling sad, he should do stupid things to cheer you up; if he comes to your door with your favorite flowers a few times a year, it is more than enough.

15. How is he with children?

I can hear some of you say 'I don't want to bring a child into this world.' However, you might want to have a little cute monster at home eventually. If you want kids, you have to know what he thinks about it. Can he handle the responsibilities of a baby? Women not only want a good husband, but also a potentially great father

That's all from me. Don't forget: There is nobody who is more valuable than yourself in the world. I hope you all find the partner that you deserve! <3