15 "Small" Gestures Having "Big" Effects On Your Relationship!


Dealing with the big issues is a must but it’s the small things that either drives you mad or bonds you deeper and deeper. As they say, the devil is in the details and small gestures have big impact. Here are some tips to take your relationship to another level.

1. Surprise post-it notes.


Love words, poems, small drawings... It feels good to know someone is thinking about you :)

2. Often ask "How are you doing?"

Besides your daily intense texting routine, asking how they really are makes a big difference!

3. Say "I love you.". Say it often!

Don't be afraid of expressing and sharing your feelings. Don't wait for the perfect moment or place, if you feel it, say it.

4. Details matter!

It might not be important for you, but always remember the important dates. If you can't remember the dates, prepare a cheat sheet. :)

Not only the dates but show that you remember some small things that she/he said or did. They will appreciate that.

5. Cook for her/him.

No one could say no to a delicious dish.

6. Surprise your BAE with small gifts.

It's even better if you can prepare something yourself.

7. Just be with them when they need you!

8. Make the best of your time together. Find out what you both enjoy!

9. Be a family.

Being a family doesn't mean marriage, it means loving each other unconditionally.

10. Hold her/his hand tight.

Show that you are there for her/him.

11. Bring sweets to your dates! ^^

Sweet treats can make anyone happy.

12. Deep eye contact goes a long way...

13. Learn what love means in different languages.

14. Share cool links with each other...

While at work send her/him links of cool stuff that you found on web. It can be an article, a song or a video. It will show that you have her/him in your mind even you are busy during the day.

Check this cool video as well :)

What do you think? Do gestures matter for a good relationship?

It matters a lot. Devil is in detail.
It's fun but doesn't matter that much.
Doesn't matter at all. The only important things are love, respect and loyalty.

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