15 Signs Showing You're Spiritually All Grown Up!


Getting mature is all about time and patience. Waiting until life teaches you, repeating the things you learned, ripening them, and fusing them with your soul. But in some cases, you won't need to wait, or if you are a better cook, you may do it faster.

1. You live your life according to your principles and norms.

2. You don't grudges so often and forgive more.

3. You can emphathize with poor, outsider and stressed people.

4. You never lose your sense of wonder from your childhood.

5. You know there is a right time and place for everything.

6. You don't delay enjoying life.

7. You're aware of your responsibilities, and you have no trouble fulfilling them.

8. People around you find you very reliable.

9. You are at peace the sides of you that you know you cannot change.

10. You have no trouble accepting people as they are.

11. You don't have many negative characteristics, like being a spitfire.

12. You don't allow little things to have a big part in your life.

13. You succeed in balancing your emotions with being logical.

14. You don't put burdens on others' shoulders, and you know how to share theirs.

15. And, as a result, you embody this expression: "Mature people are not the ones who talk big. They do what they say, they say what they can do."


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