15 Results Of Our Inner Wickedness!


I will prove that deep down you, too, belong to the dark side.

1. Picking your nose and putting the 'treasure' on the nearest available place

Nobody has seen you. Go ahead, get rid of all the evidence. And please don't forget to repeat this at somebody else's place.

2. Pretending to chat with someone else just to avoid conversation.

Everybody who is around people that they don't know that well do this.

3. Leaving the fitting rooms of the stores like this:

But if asked, nobody will confess doing this. :)

4. Let alone the fitting rooms, not leaving the clothes where you have originally found them...

It is somebody's job to do this, and if I did it, they would be out of work. I am actually being nice.

5. And leaving the product that you have decided not to buy in a completely irrelevant section

Ain't nobody got time to walk back and put it back to its place. Just stick it, wherever.

6. Looking forward to hearing a crash sound after hearing a loud braking noise

And if an accident doesn't follow that braking noise, we kinda get sad. We are seriously sick in the head.

7. Looking down on a random person you don't know anything about just with your crushing gaze

It is full of miserable people! Ugh, get out of my sight!

8. Feeling like kicking the sh*t out of the older people walking (very slowly) in front of you.

Come on grandpa, get the f*ck out, I have to catch the metro!

9. Wanting a co-worker that you don't like to fail, and being happy when they do.

Because I don't like her, and because I don't like her, she has to fail as epicly as possible.

10. B*tching at the drivers who comply to the speed limit because they drive too slowly for you

If they don't increase the speed limit, I will srsly lose it!

11. Taking the last piece of food just because...

I didn't have to eat it, but I had to eat it.

12. Talking, using your phone and making noise in the movie theater.

You aren't there to see the movie, are you? You are there just to stop other people from having fun. Way to go!

13. Parking your car with zero consideration about the cars next to yours

You don't give a f*ck if the owner of the car next to yours can get in their car., or not. Awesome! Just, awesome!

14. Not replacing the toilet paper roll because somebody else will do it anyways

We are srsly messed up!

15. Overhearing others' conversations 'on purpose'

Why do wan to listen to random people  talk? What is so attractive about it? I mean, we literally don't know them!

As you see, we are all a bit evil. So, join me!

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