15 Proven Tips For Being Super Photogenic!


In the era of the selfie, being photogenic is a super power. If you think that you aren't photogenic enough, don't worry. The secret behind your super photogenic friends is that they know how to pose. That's all! If we've got your attention, you should go on reading our tips!

1. Tilt your head slightly and gaze forward to the camera.

This will help you get the right angle. Try not to bend your head too much!

2. If you are one of those who close their eyes in every photo this tip is for you. Close your eyes 5 seconds before the photo and slowly open them when the photo is being taken.

3. If you have a chance, use light colored backgrounds.

Especially white backgrounds, which make cameras auto-focus easily!📷

4. Make your eyes stand out!

Stare directly at the pin hole. Don't forget to emphasize your looks with some mascara!

5. Look into a light source to make your pupils larger right before your photo is taken.

Large pupils are indicators of high self-esteem. That's why stare into a light source before your photo is taken. Even a short glance will help.

6. To avoid double chins, lengthen you neck and put your head slightly forward.

This way you'll look better.

7. Choose light toned glossy lipstick instead of darker tones.

Glossy lipsticks can give you fresh look!😘

8. Put some color on these cheeks!

Put some color on your face to create more dimension. You can use your favorite blush to achieve blushed cheeks. If you are not a make up fan, try rubbing your face gently to achieve a temporary effect.😊

9. Avoing standing under the light source.

Make sure your face doesn't get the light directly. This way, all the details of your face will come out, which is not a look you want to see in your photos.

10. Make sure the light source is behind or over the photographer.

This will help your pupils look brighter. You'll have shiny brighty eyes from now on!✨

11. If possible, hold something around you or put your hand on something.

This will make your expression more decent.

12. Adjust your place around your camera to reach the right angle.

If the person taking the photo is shorter than you, you might prefer sitting on a stool. Here come the likes!👍

13. Earn the photogenic badge by looking awesome in every photo you have!

A couple of photos a day won't harm you!

14. Find the proper foundation that matches your skin!

If your foundation is lighter/darker than your actual skin tone, it can be easily noticed in a photo, especially under the flash...📸

15. Don't forget to smile!

Think of something that makes you super happy when your photo is being taken. Choice is yours! Say cheese!

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