15 Horrible Wedding Dresses That'll Scare The Groom Away!


The Most Ridiculous Wedding Dresses Of All Time!

We know it's all about you and you want to be in all your guests' memories but please...HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR?!

1. Comes with an airbag!

2. Perfectly matches your napkin rings!

3. What if a little annoying kid discovers them?!

4. This is why you never buy your wedding dress from Victoria's Secret!

5. "Oh honey we'll use it as a table cloth, napkin, etc. in the future."

6. Really? I mean REALLY?!

7. So you've decided to hold your ceremony up in the Arctic?

8. No veils will be left behind!

9. Scary...Or is it hinting at the upcoming baby?

10. "I don't know how to wash clothes, but will you still marry me?"

11. Best to avoid liquids!

12. "You guys are staying for my special belly dance show after the ceremony, right?!"

13. When fashion takes a very wrong turn...

14. So you had your plastic surgery AFTER you bought the dress?

15. The napkin rings strikes back! The groom looks a bit out of the box as well this time!

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