15 Easy Money Saving Tricks That Will Help Your Budget


Saving money is all about knowing the small tricks... Not wasting the food you own and finding creative and of course, free solutions to your needs are the big two that will keep your economy strong. Here are 15 money saving tricks everybody can easily use!

1. Before anything else, let's talk about alternative coffee filters.


If you have a strong paper towel at your house, you can use it as a coffee filter to save money occasionally.

2. If your fresh herbs are losing thier freshness don't throw them away yet!


You can dry the herbs on a paper towel using a microwave.

3. Polish your shoes with banana peel.


The inside part of a banana peel can polish your patent leather shoes.

4. Divide your foods into portions before freezing.


So you only defreeze what you are going to use for the food.

5. Eggs love oil!


You can coat egg shells with oil to extend its shelf life.

6. Cookies and breads shouldn't be separeted!


Because a slice of bread will keep your cookie from drying.

7. There is a way to save that sugar!


You can place a lemon peel in the sugar for it to stay fresh longer.

8. Bananas don't have to get mushy anymore!


You can put plastic wrap on top of bananas for longer lasting freshness.

9. About those onions and garlics...


You can poke holes in a paper bag and place the onions and garlic in it to extend their time.

10. Do you need more space?


If you need more space in your closet you can use soda tabs as shown.

11. Do you know where to find the deals in supermarkets?


The top and bottom shelves are the place for promotions.

12. No more vines going bad!


If you opened a wine bottle but couldn't finish it, don't worry. You can freeze the vine like so to use it when cooking!

13. A celery root can do a lot..


You can always grow your own celery in a tin can easily!

14. If you are using Ziplocs you need to hear this...


Getting all the air out with a straw will help to keep it safe for longer.

15. Green onions can make cute flowers!


If you place green onions in water as shown in the image, it will keep growing around a week.

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