15 Characteristics Of People Who Fail Miserably With First Impressions!


Have you ever had any friends that said "He'd like him, if he'd have known him?"  Or, did you ever use that phrase yourself? When the girl you had a crush on chose the other prick instead of you, for example? Haven't you ever said, "Oh, if only she knew me well..."  If so, this list is just the thing for you!

1. They are extremely shy. They go over and over what they'll tell you for a week, but end up dead silent anyways.

2. They're always late, both for work and life.

3. They are timid, like a kitten, when they are in an unknown environment.

4. When they finally get used to the environment, they still can't come out of their shells completely.

5. They can show their "real" personalities by saying "Here, that's me!" But, only to very few close friends!

6. Their relationships will probably end before they actually show how nice they are... :/

7. Their pessimistic side is stronger, and they always think of the worst!

8. They can relate to things like panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and obsessive behavior.

9. Having good faith is their best feature, according to them.

10. Their sense of compassion is really intense.

11. Even though they are quite shy, they become a real hero when it comes to helping others.

12. That's why you can see them in social campaigns quite often.

13. People usually say that only men have these features.

14. They really adore their families. They are really attached to their bonds.

15. They are good at heart, but they sometimes get really boring or excited and babble.

Bonus - In fact, people who say you'd have liked them better turn out to be much worse.

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