14 Great Things Men Can Actually Learn From Feminism!

> 14 Great Things Men Can Actually Learn From Feminism!

When you think about feminism, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't men. But it's strange that most of us perceive gender equality as only uplifting ladies when the women's liberation actually had a lasting impact on all of us.

1. It helps eradicate unrealistic body expectations.

Sure, women have tons of pressure to look a certain way. But men face this pressure too. There is a dangerous trend in the media to glorify ripped abs, huge biceps, and it affects men more than you'd think.

Feminism helps to push past this by emphasizing that you are great the way you are - and pushes for healthy self-improvement over having to conform to masculine stereotypes.

2. It doesn't put the pressure on men to be the 'breadwinner.'

There is an ingrained expectation in society for men to be either the sole breadwinner or the highest paid earner of a household.

There are tons of reports that show that when women earn more than men in a relationship, it causes serious emotional strain and make men feel inadequate and inferior.

Feminism helps to dismiss the notion that a man is not a man unless he earns more than his partner. Nobody should ever be stigmatized for not earning a certain amount of money.

3. Less insistence of violence.

Traditional hard-line masculinities embrace the enforcement of stereotypes that encourage violence and abuse. In addition, one of the effects of a backlash against feminism in the past thirty years has been an emphasis on physical male strength in media. 

Excessive caricatures of male bodies — in cartoons, superhero movies, militarized action toys and heroes and more — place an imbalanced emphasis on “he-manliness.” Boys engaged in championing gender equity learn understanding, respect, and personal responsibility.

4. It allows you to feel however you want to damn well feel.

Crying doesn't make you less of a man. Asking for directions doesn't make you less of a man. Falling deeply in love with someone and being 'whipped' doesn't make you less of a man. Ever.

A 'real man' isn't defined by his machismo. Feminism helps because it shows that even at your weakest moment, you are not a failure of a man for expressing how you feel.

5. Better long-term economic environment.

Gender equity creates stronger economies with better job prospects for everyone. Countries with a high gender equity ranking are more competitive and those that embrace women as influential productive workers experience transformational change. 

Embracing gender equity not only prepares boys for these transformed workplaces and a global economy but actually creates long-term opportunities.

6. Happier mother, happier families and societies.

More women experience anxiety while giving up on everything for sake of being the perfect mother. Normalizing the childcare for both parents and promoting a social life for both women and men with children will certainly help one's mental health to develop. So happy women, happy men, healthier societies!

7. It helps people who identify as LGBT+ to raise awareness and avoid stigma.

7. It helps people who identify as LGBT+ to raise awareness and avoid stigma.

Often, a gay man is perceived to be 'less of a man' due to his sexual identity. This kind of bigoted bullshit is pretty much due to the fact that gay people are often perceived to be more 'feminine,' which in turn implies that being a woman, or wanting to be more like a woman, is a bad thing.

Feminism completely chucks that idea out the window. As Zach Stafford from Huffington post puts this very succinctly; 'Feminism looks at that thought and says, 'What the f*ck is wrong with being a woman?' and pats you on the back, and even may give you a pair of heels to strut in.'

8. It also takes away the need for men to perform according to society's sexual expectations.

8. It also takes away the need for men to perform according to society's sexual expectations.

While women are constantly being slut-shamed (which is pretty uncool guys, this definitely needs to stop ASAP), men have the opposite problem - there is constant pressure on men to be sexually aggressive, and there is an expectation for men to be able to 'pull' a ton of women. Oh dear.

Nobody should ever be treated as just another notch on a bedpost. Feminism helps to erase this expectation of men by emphasizing that a measure of a man is not equal to his 'number.' Quality over quantity, after all!.

9. It lets you do what you are interested in, even if it's a 'girly' activity.

Want to cook? Put that oven on. Want to dance? Pirouette all you please. Want to knit? Let me get that rainbow-colored wool for you.

Feminism is all about letting people do what they want to do. And if men want to take up competitive figure skating as a hobby, then just let them.

10. It raises awareness for male victims of sexual assault and violence.

Sexual assault and domestic violence are obviously horrific for anyone who experiences them. However, often when men try to seek help for the same issue they are actually ignored. Mocked, even.

Feminism fights the myth that domestic violence and sexual abuse is something that only happens to women, and makes the plight of men who go through traumatic events more visible.

11. Because you might have a daughter someday.

11. Because you might have a daughter someday.

And she certainly deserves equal treatment and opportunities. So just make the right choice in advance.

12. You really do not have to make the first move.

Again 'slut-shaming' is on the way, right? So how come women just ask men out for example, in such a world? Reversing this process would only make things easier when it comes to dating.

13. It actually makes sex better for both men and women!

Oh yeah. You heard me. Feminism is all about equality. By opening up conversations about your bedroom preferences with your partner and taking away the expectations of men to perform a certain way, you're bound to have better sex in no time.

Equality = communication. Communication = getting what you both want in the bedroom. Everybody wins.

14. You do not have to worry about your loved ones hearing all those assault, harrasment, rape stories everyday in the news.

We can only make it all together!