14 Funny Ways You Can Annoy Your Single Friends!

> 14 Funny Ways You Can Annoy Your Single Friends!

Congrats! You are married now! What? Your best friend is still single? Stop before you pity them. This content is for you. We wish you all the happiness, but single people are still human beings. Maybe you are being annoying without realizing it. Don't panic, we will tell you all about it.

1. Please stop acting as if the most important thing in life is having a relationship.

You weren't married happily with kids, right? Please show some understanding and sensitivity.

2. Don't pity them because they are single. There is no rule that everybody has to get married.

You forgot very quickly that being single is awesome.

3. Stop thinking that your friend will get married to every single person they introduce to you. You are getting excited for no reason.

Also, don't hype them unnecessarily by giving them ideas. Let it be as they want it to be.

4. Don't criticize their looks.

There is no default make-up, hair style or clothing combination to get married. You can't criticize them because they dyed their hair purple. Who cares?!!

5. Listen to your friends when they tell you about themselves, but never joke about the lonely life they will share with themselves.

Because it isn't funny. 😾

6. Be there for them when they achieve something and make your support felt.

7. Stop talking about your wedding, even after it was like 100 years ago.

Your friend had to bear enough things on the day of your wedding, anyways.

8. Don't not invite them just because they are single.

Yeah, you are a couple and you may want to spend time with other couples. We aren't telling you to take your single friends everywhere you go, but also don't act like you are excluding them, either.

9. Stop trying to convince them to get married.

10. Or on the contrary, don't tell them about all your marital problems and hand them the "being single" Oscar.

11. You don't have to add that your friend is single right after you introduce them to others.

Don't act like being single is a character trait. Your facial expressions are also very repellent.

12. And stop making them hate their lives by introducing them to others all the time. If your friend wants to meet new people, they will tell you.

Careful not to impose anything, you might hurt your friendship.

13. You don't have to act as if you were an expert in relationships just because you got married.

14. And lastly, stop believing that they have lots of time for everything, just because they are single.

Being single is not that easy, dear friends. 😎