13 Things To Relate If You Married Your Childhood Love!

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Let's take a closer look at these astute, stable, consistent people and their relationships that we envy...

1. What they most hear is the question: "Doesn't it get boring after some time?"

2. And we can put the exclamation "Wow! Really?" in the second place on the list.

3. They enjoy the comfort of being married to somebody who knows their childhood.

4. They fight and argue rarely, but they rely on many routines.

5. Being in love, love and then habit...

6. They enjoy sharing their lives with somebody that they know as good as themselves.

7. However, over time, this might get exhausting and boring.

8. Realizing that they have made a dream come true with the person that they started loving when they were still young and grew up together with makes them happy.

9. The memories they have collected together are more than others' dreams.

10. Statistically speaking, they are in a very lucky minority.

11. They are always shown as an example and are envied.

12. Dropping the "in-law" part is no problem when they refer to the parents of their partners, and seeing them as their own parents is no problem at all.

13. They have awesome memories and stories to tell their children.

Bonus - They never think about "What if I hadn't married him/her?"

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