13 Surprising Food That Naturally Boosts Your Sex Drive!


Solving the problems of your sexual life is actually easy as doing grocery shopping! By consuming the right fruits and vegetables you can obtain a better and healthier sexual life!

Red berries contain flavonoids that are beneficial for the health of your body. Recent study shows that fruit which contain high amount of flavonoids can protect your body from diseases like alzheimer or cancer.

Next time you do your grocery shopping, you should consider the benefits of these fruit and vegetables for a better sex life!

1. Blueberries


Blueberries are the nature's solution to sexual problems. Blueberries are considered as the ultimate sexual food because of its components.

Moreover, blueberries are rich in fiber. Low cholesterol and increased blood flow helps the erection of the penis. This means that by consuming blueberries you can have a more intense and durable erection.

2. Watermelon


According to a research done in US Ministry of Agriculture, watermelons help the body to relax and widen the blood vessels with a component called citrulline.

3. Citrus fruits


Human Nutrition Center has made a research on the effects of citrus fruits with 25.000 male participants. The findings suggest that the men who consume citrus fruits are 20% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

4. Carrots


Why do you think rabbits breed so much? It is because of the components of the carrot that activates the sexual hormones.

According to some experts, carrots are the nature's Viagras.

5. Cranberries


Cranberries are rich in antioxidants. They help reducing the effects of free radicals and strengthen the immune system. Studies show that consuming fiber-rich products can help prevent many diseases including diabetes and obesity.

6. Pistachio


Pistachio is rich in proteins and Vitamin E. It helps to awake the sexual desire.

7. Strawberries


By consuming the food that increases the oestrogen levels, you can obtain a more lively sexual life. Strawberries are known to increase sexual desire.

8. Celery


Celery effects endocrine glands and increases their activity. It also helps to lengthen the duration of sex.

9. Raspberries


Similar to strawberries, raspberries include many anthocyanins and they have an aphrodisiac effect.

Raspberries also help decreasing the blood pressure and removing the toxic matter around the body. It regulates the bowel system.

10. Figs


Another aphrodisiac fruit is fig which is a rich source for Vitamins E and B.

Figs are also helpful to digestion.

11. Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper contains a component called capsaicin which works in the production of endorphines.

Studies show that this component increases the blood flow and this has positive effects to the sexual performance.

12. Bananas


Banana contains bromelains and this enzyme awakens the libido and increases sexual will. Banana can be used to increase sexual energy.

13. Goji Berries


Goji berries are originated from Tibet over 1700 years ago.

According to Asian medicine tradition goji increases sexual power. It is believed that it triggers the sexual desire. An old Chinese Proverb states that the men who goes away from his home shouldn't eat any Goji berries.

Modern scientific research indicates that Goji berries increase the testosterone level in the blood and therefore causes an increase of sexual power.

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