13 Struggles Every Single Bridesmaid Goes Through!

> 13 Struggles Every Single Bridesmaid Goes Through!

If you aren't the first one to get married among your friends, you have definitely gone through some of these. Friends and relatives that shout that it is your turn now, friends who throw their wedding flowers to you, the older women who push you to dance with the men in the wedding...

1. Get ready, soldier!

Brace yourself if you are a close friend of the bride. You will go through the stress of a war zone in a day.

2. All of the responsibility of the bride is on your shoulders.

Do you vow to even stop her from running away?

3. You have to carry everything the bride might need... Everything...

Will you be ready for the question 'Do you have some eyelash glue?'

4. You have to be patient for whatever they say or do....

There may not be a reason to stress or b*tch, but after all, she is the bride and has a right to do everything. It is, of course, the best friend who has to take all this sh*t.

5. Don't believe the lie that kids are supposed to carry the train.

5. Don't believe the lie that kids are supposed to carry the train.

You also have to take care of the kids AND the dress. That train, which is very easily stepped on by everybody, cannot leave your hands while you are going from one table to another

6. The gifts are also your responsibility.

6. The gifts are also your responsibility.

All the money and jewelry... Hold on to it!

7. You have to dance with people.

You don't have to like or be able to dance. However, in order for everybody in the wedding to be happy, somebody has to make the first step, which is again your duty.

8. You hear the sentences "You are next," "Same to you," and all the other versions. You have enough rage for the whole wedding's attendants.

'ENOUGH! I will know when it is time for me!'

9. All the married women that know you dedicate themselves to finding a suitable man for you.

As if nobody else could see them, they always make those mimics 'Go, dance!', 'Check that one out,' and it drains the life out of you.

10. Brace yourselves for the times when you will just have to get by with dancing from your chair.

When couples start dancing, you will be the only one who is alone. Instead of dancing alone on the dance floor, you find yourself doing stupid gestures at your seat, waiting for somebody to ask you.

11. All the single guys have their eyes on you because you are the person who is seen around and smiles the most.

12. You are never ever allowed to get drunk.

Drinking a bit too much when you are responsible for literally everything... That would be a huge mistake.

13. You may not be interested in catching the bride's flowers, but you have to take guard among those crazy b*tches who really do want them.

Stay strong, or else you will be crashed into by a single woman who is crazy about being the next bride.